Epic Mickey 2 In Development with Co-Op Mode

The Warren Spectre-headed Wii title, Epic Mickey sold quite well, despite mixed reviews from the press (including our own), and it looks like the title may have raked in enough money to warrant a sequel.

Reports are coming in that Disney has been gauging consumer interest in a potential sequel – via an online marketing survey.

The online survey itself reveals many details about Epic Mickey 2 including potential platform releases (supposedly the Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii). The original Epic Mickey was only available on the Wii, though many fans clamoured for a release on the HD consoles. As Epic Mickey was not available on the HD twins, maybe Disney could release the original via XBLA/PSN or perhaps even in the same vein as White Knight Chronicles 2 and package it with the sequel.

The online survey also made reference to a few gameplay changes in the sequel, such as the inclusion of two player co-op. While gamers can still play the title solo if they so choose, there may soon be the option of split screen (where one player controls Mickey and another Oswald the Lucky Rabbit). Oswald will presumably have flight capability, as well as the ability to control enemies – in order to help solve puzzles.

Epic Mickey 2 Online Survery

The title will also offer a branching story, with in-game choices affecting how the story plays out.

In addition, Disney also included potential box arts for the game in the survey, allowing potential buyers the opportunity to choose which one they like the best.

Check out the box art options below:

Potential Box Art For Epic Mickey 2While Epic Mickey was originally met with lukewarm critical reception, the title was a nostalgia trip for many long time Disney fans. The dark world of the game allowed players too learn more about their favorite cartoon mouse. Had the game mechanics been refined just a tad more the title would probably have fared a lot better than it did. It’s just a good thing that Epic Mickey developer Junction Point Studios isn’t a part of Disney, considering the recent purging of all Disney videogame studios.

If Epic Mickey 2 turns out to be real would you be interested in checking it out?

Source: Destructoid