If you don’t already know about Epic Meal Time, you need to check out their delicious, ridiculous channel here. They go around Montreal, crafting delicious meals of high-calorie proportions and generally being awesome. Behind their frontier of epicness, which earned them a Shorty Award for best internet cooking show, has been a plethora of parodies, including the likes of Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time. And now we have, out of all of this, our very own Epic Minecraft Time.

While the video may just be a one-off Minecraft parody, it’s a pretty accurate one – and that means it’s good. Replacing macaroni and alcohol with cobblestone and gold was a surprisingly easy transition to make, and it shows – check out the video below as a Minecraft style Morenstein brings you through the construction of a Lekman House, in what may be the lowest-calorie Epic-Style video you’ll ever see:


For what the video lacks in aviators, it certainly makes up for in how they build a nice-looking Lekman House – shortly before burning to the ground for the credits. We wouldn’t mind if it got turned into a series, but for now we’ll take all the Epic Minecraft Time we can get. Maybe in the future they can guide us through the ways of Mountain Fortresses, Quaint Cabins and Pimped Out Wolf Kennels – and, why not, some cooked pork brought from an unfortunate pig.

If you dig their style, you may be interested to know they also do a ‘Minecraft Let’s Play’ series which you can check out here. They’re 15 episodes in, so there’s enough content to keep you occupied during those slow office hours – just like Minecraft, but don’t tell your boss!

You want some new bacon-flavoured textures for your Minecraft, hater? Check out some texture packs worth looking at, and then get stoked for having The Nether in multiplayer soon!

What do you think of the Epic Minecraft Time video? Did you find it a solid parody of the regular series? Did you feel like eating cobblestone afterwards? Feel free to leave your thoughts!

Minecraft is currently in it’s 1.5 version and is going to receive a pretty hefty update in the relatively near future. You can craft some of your own delicious masterpieces on PC and Mac while the game continues its beta phase.