Epic Games: Unreal Engine DX11 Justifies Next Gen Consoles

Unreal Engine DX11 Next Gen

Epic Games unveiled their next iteration of the powerful Unreal Engine at GDC last month, and its innovation surely wowed anyone who watched it.The Unreal Engine DX11 demo screamed "next gen" with evolutionary detail and polish, showing evidence of what the future of gaming will hold. There is also another message within the demo, however.

Mark Rein, Vice President of Epic Games, explained that the demo was a message to game console creators. The demo was a message that developers are fully equipped for new hardware to push the envelope and truly bring the next gen to now.

The DX11 demo itself, that's our love letter to hardware manufacturers. We're able to give people another road map.

Rein assures that the demo is wholly aimed at consoles, since it was running on a maxed out PC.

That demo we've shown is aimed at the game console makers. We're telling them that this is the big leap that we think justifies that new piece of hardware you're going to build, and we're telling them that this is what we need next-gen consoles to be capable of, because we can't build a more powerful PC than the one that's running the DX11 demo!

Microsoft and Sony aren't the only subject matters in this message, however, since Rein brings up Apple's endeavor into mobile gaming. The difference is that Rein praises Apple and their progression versus challenging them to innovate since he feels they are doing just that.

If companies are building new consoles - and, who knows, I mean Apple just released an iPad that's nine times the power of its predecessor.

If Apple continues on this scale, they'll have a device that can run this [Unreal Engine DX11 demo] in a couple of years.

According to Rein, Unreal Engine DX11 is absolutely ready now, they just need the next gen consoles to get here to bring a new level of gaming to the present. Since the next iteration of the engine is up and running, he urges others in the industry to give it a go and speak up about it.

For us, now when we sit down with various companies and talk about the future, the discussion is no longer theoretical. We can show them this. We can say 'here's our demo, try it on your hardware'. And we want feedback - let us know what we can simplify, let us know what we can improve.

It seems the ball is in the hardware creators' court before we see games taking advantage of the new technology. There are rumblings of next gen consoles on the way from job openings for the next Xbox to a somewhat confirmed new Nintendo console in development, but when we will see them is the question that remains.

One thing is for sure, Epic Games - and other developers that license Unreal Engine DX11 - are fully equipped and ready for it.


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