Following up on the job posting leak from last week, Epic Games‘ Tim Sweeney has confirmed the developer is working on an unannounced triple-A shooter. That’s in addition to the PC-online, survival title Fortnite and several smaller projects.

As far as the shooter is concerned, Sweeney wouldn’t say much, but we know from the leaked job posting that the title has some sort of online focus and . Our guess is that the shooter, like many Epic Games releases, has a deep multiplayer component.

As Sweeney tells Eurogamer, after shipping Gears of War 3 Epic Games has been able to focus on several projects. Some developers are working on Fortnite, others on this unannounced shooter, and a few on smaller projects.

For a developer that many assumed would pull out of games-making to focus on cultivating a platform for games with Unreal Engine 4, it sounds like Epic is still very much interested in putting out new titles. What those titles might be beyond FortniteUnreal Tournament? a new Gears of War? — is anyone’s guess.

That also isn’t to say that Unreal Engine won’t be an important showpiece for Epic Games going forward. In fact, in the same interview Sweeney hypothesizes that gamers will see photorealistic graphics within the next 10 years. Artificial Intelligence, more specifically good artificial intelligence, will take much longer to perfect, but Sweeney still thinks the industry will get there.

“Things are going to get really interesting. We’ll be able to render environments that are absolutely photo-realistic within the next 10 years, like indistinguishable from reality level of graphics.”

With next-gen consoles on the horizon, a future of gorgeous graphics and realistic AI certainly seems possible. We’ve already seen some of the experiences developers are preparing for the PS4 and Xbox One, and if that’s only the beginning who knows where we will end up in 5 years let alone 10 years.

As far as Epic is concerned, though, their focus is on developing games for the PC first and then porting down to any relevant platforms. Take Fortnite, for example – the Minecraft meets Left 4 Dead title is currently in development for the PC only but by the time Epic is done gamers might be able to play it on anything from a next-gen console all the way down to a tablet.

What are your hopes for Epic Games unannounced triple-A shooter? How much do you value realistic graphics versus realistic AI?

Source: Eurogamer