Epic Games Store Refund System May Have a Major Flaw

Epic Games Store refund policy flaw

Earlier this year, Epic Games rolled out a new refund policy for the Epic Games Store where users can get a refund on a game within 14 days of the purchase date so long as they have played it for fewer than two hours. While the policy sounded good on paper, some are finding that in practice, the Epic Games Store refund system still appears to have one major flaw.

On Twitter, a user named etdragonpunch said that when he asked for a refund, Epic Games didn't give him the full amount that he had spent. In a screenshot, the user showed that the money spent at the Epic Games Store is $67.91 but Epic Games only refunded him $64.86.

The issue likely stems from a currency conversion since Epic Games doesn't have full regional pricing support. In 30 regions and 150 different countries outside of the United States, Epic Games does adjust prices based on local currencies, which makes games in some areas cheaper. However, some are speculating that Epic Games still refunds people in USD. When the USD refund price is converted into the user's local currency, depending on the currency exchange rate, the price may be lower than what someone originally paid.

It hasn't yet been officially confirmed that this is the case, though. The discrepancy could also be related to costs from the payment processor. Whatever the case, Epic Games Store users outside of the United States are always going to be upset by something that loses them money.

The replies to etdragonpunch's tweet are full of people suggesting that this isn't something they expected from the Epic Games Store. From the very first announcement of the digital storefront, Epic Games has positioned its PC games store as a consumer and developer-friendly alternative to Steam. With cost-saving regional pricing, free games every couple of weeks, and a more favorable revenue split for devs, players on PC have quite a few good reasons to consider the Epic Games Store over Steam.

Epic Games is still building its store out, however, and has already announced plans to expand its regional pricing program. Other features, such as game reviews, are being discussed internally too.

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