Epic Games Store Will Continue Pushing for Exclusive Deals

epic games store pursues more exclusives

In recent months, announcements surrounding new game reveals and release dates have been followed up with questions over whether the PC version would be exclusive to the Epic Games Store. The Epic Games Store was opened back in December 2018, and has become Steam's biggest competitor in the digital PC gaming market. While many games developers have signed on for either exclusive or timed-exclusive deals and drawn criticism from PC gamers, Epic Games has no intentions of stopping its push for exclusives.

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney has promised the company will continue to pursue more exclusive deals with publishers and developers for soon-to-be-announced or newly announced games. One comment from Sweeney to make note of is that Epic Games will not hesitate to ask other developers if they wish to strike a deal with the company even if there's already a financial commitment to other digital platforms, most notably Steam. Sweeney is adamant there will still be practices in place for the Epic Store for favorable content, something he's voiced an opinion on recently in regards to Steam's lack of quality control in its game library.

In addition to pursuing control of the PC marketplace, the Epic Games Store is more 'revenue friendly' compared to Steam when it comes to revenue splits between game creators and distributors. Steam currently has a tiered revenue system in place, where the lowest revenue percentage a game will earn for a developer is 70%. If a game is able to accumulate over $10 million in revenue, that developer gets a percentage bump to 75%, followed by games making over $50 million earning an 80% split.

"Epic is open to continuing to sign funding / exclusivity deals with willing developers and publishers regardless of their previous plans or announcements around Steam"

This model has been criticized to favor AAA developers that consistently sell millions of copies when they launch a new title, while smaller independent teams aren't able to reap those same benefits. For its digital marketplace, Epic Games has a fixed rate of 88% that developers earn in revenue. This fixed rate also allows developers to bypass the 5% engine royalty cut Epic Games would normally take from games that use Unreal Engine.

epic games store exclusive metro exodus

Despite still being in its infancy, there's been much success for AAA games that released on the Epic Games Store thus far. Even with all the controversy surrounding its removal from Steam to come over to the Epic Games Store, Metro Exodus sales were strong when it released this past February, despite many users taking to Steam to lash out via review bombing.

Other high profile games that have launched recently, or will in the near future on the Epic Games Store, include Ubisoft's The Division 2, Obsidian Games' The Outer Worlds, and just yesterday, Gearbox revealed Borderlands 3 will be an Epic Games Store exclusive until April 2020.


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