As of late Gears of War developer Epic Games has been enjoying a very lucrative relationship with Microsoft, developing games exclusively for the Xbox 360 platform. However, before Gears, Shadow Complex, and Bulletstom, Epic was known as a developer that favored the PC first and foremost.

While the days of Unreal Tournament supremacy might be dead — although another entry in the franchise is rumored to be on the way — that doesn’t mean Epic has forgotten about PC gamers, in fact they had some pretty juicy news for them during their PAX East panel.

At the panel Epic President Mike Capps and Cliff Bleszinski revealed that a new title is in development with the intent of it being a PC exclusive. At first Capps merely teased the project, but then Bleszinski confirmed it. The assumption was that the unknown title would be developed for the PC, but would also be ported to the 360, however Capps has told Joystiq that as of right now it’s a PC exclusive.

Unfortunately, Epic, a developer who loves to deal in mysterious teases, wouldn’t say anything else beyond that. There is a very real possibility that this PC-only title could be the aforementioned Unreal Tournament follow-up fans have been clamoring for especially since neither Capps nor Bleszinski made mention of the project being a new IP.

While Epic Games might have officially announced Fortnite as their next title, that doesn’t mean something else, like this PC-only game, wasn’t being worked on concurrently. It’s unclear which will make its way through the development pipeline first, but our money is on the downloadable Fortnite.

It almost feels like after one Epic Games project is canned, another one rises up in its place to fill the void. Sure fans might not be ready for the developer to move past Gears of War, and they might not be done with Gears either, but it’s good to see Epic returning to their roots.

Are you excited to hear that Epic Games is working on a title exclusively for the PC? Should it be a new IP or Unreal Tournament 4?

Source: Joystiq