Epic Games Announces Paragon for 2016 Release Date

By | 12 months ago 

Epic Games has silently announced Paragon, a PC-based shooter coming in early 2016 that will have players fighting for either glory, pride, fortune, or infamy.

Epic Games has been keeping busy over the last few years, having recently released the Unreal Engine 4 for free, whilst simultaneously working on two different titles: Unreal Tournament and Fortnite. While talk of those two titles has been relatively quiet, many fans have been left wondering what the studio has been up to in terms of game development, and as it turns out, Epic Games has secretly been working on a third title called Paragon. 

Several weeks ago, Epic Games started releasing cryptic hints that they were working on a third major project, and those who guessed it was a shooter appear to be right on the money. The upcoming title was revealed today in a silent video that showed off one of the playable characters stoically posing. Paragon will be a PC-based shooter, although Epic Games has so far refrained from saying almost anything else about it.

The reveal of Paragon came from a melodramatic 30-second reveal trailer for a character named Twinblast, who stays true to his name by dual-wielding his weapons. Donning a futuristic outfit, Twinblast sets a somewhat futuristic, cyberpunk tone to the game.

Interested gamers can check out Twinblast in the video below. Keep in mind, there’s no sound to the video at all, so refrain from fidgeting with the speakers in confusion:

It may not have been a StarCraft Marine-esque level of introduction, but perhaps Twinblast is the strong and silent type. Although his reveal video is little more than a soundless 3D render, the official Paragon website is a little more informative, and reveals that there will be at least four more characters revealed before the holidays.

Each of the five characters will be able to obtain one of four bonuses each, reflected by every gamer’s choice to fight for either glory, pride, fortune, or infamy. In Twinblast’s case, his potential bonuses are as follows:

  • Glory: Reverberate, which doles out damage and gets a bonus against shielded enemies.
  • Pride: Injured Rage, which grants a damage buff while wounded.
  • Fortune: Bounty Stalker, which gives a critical strike ability and a bonus on consecutive hits.
  • Infamy: Merciless, which gives a critical strike ability and a bonus versus bleeding targets.

The other characters listed on the website have equally “epic”-sounding names, like Steel, Sparrow, Dekker, and Grux (okay, maybe not the last two). Each week, the website will feature a different character, who will gett their own reveal video and bonus items. This will go on until the last man is revealed on December 3rd. By that time, Epic Games will have hopefully announced more about the game, so gamers can understand why these five soldiers are fighting for either glory, pride, fortune, or infamy.

Interested players can sign up for the beta of Paragon here, although Epic Games hasn’t stated when the beta will even come out. The studio has stated the game will launch early next year, which seems to indicate a beta will come sooner rather than later.

Paragon will launch exclusively for PC in early 2016.