After working within the Gears of War franchise for 7 years, developer Epic Games is branching out. We already know about their next non-Gears venture, Fortnite, but a new job posting suggests they have an additional title in development.

According to the posting, Epic Games is looking to fill a senior systems designer position on an unannounced title. That title is described as a “competitive online action game that includes player progression, heavy itemization, and a dynamic economy.”

Obviously, when the words Epic Games and competitive online are used in the same sentence our first inclination would be Unreal Tournament. However, the additional game description sounds less like that popular FPS franchise. That isn’t to say a new Unreal Tournament isn’t in the works — rumors have hinted at its existence for quite some time now — but it’s hard to imagine this is it.

So, if this unannounced online action game isn’t Unreal Tournament, what is it? It may not be some time until we find out, if at all, though, as the project is reportedly being developed by a “small team” and is just now entering pre-production.

That suggests the project is several years away from release. Moreover, we wouldn’t expect Epic Games to even unveil this game for a while.

At the same time, that won’t stop Epic Games fans from speculating. After putting the Gears franchise to rest with Gears of War 3 (before helping People Can Fly bring it back with Gears of War: Judgment), there are a lot of question marks surrounding Epic Games.

After both Cliff Bleszinski and Rod Fergusson (two of Epic Games’ most prominent public figures) departed the company, many wondered where Epic is headed. Obviously, returning to the Gears franchise with Gears of War 4 is the safest route, but no one knows for sure whether they will take it.

For now, we know two things: Fortnite, the PC-only, survive-at-night-build-in-the-day title is still in the pipeline, and this new online action game is getting going. Everything else is just speculation.

What do you think Epic Games unannounced online action game will be? Would you prefer they focus on a new Gears game or a new Unreal Tournament?

Source: Epic Games