Bleszinski: Epic Games Isn't Done With 'Gears of War'

Epic Games Not Done With Gears

While gamers will see the Gears of War trilogy come to a close this fall, they have full faith that this isn’t the last they have heard of Epic Games’ fantastic series. Sharing that same sentiment is Epic Games’ own Cliff Bleszinski who says that it is plain old good business for the Gears of War franchise to continue putting out titles.

Obviously, since there have already been claims that Gears of War 3 closes out the Marcus Fenix trilogy, we aren’t expecting to see the storyline of those first three games continue, but getting to explore another side of the universe could be interesting.

In Bleszinski’s mind, there are several different approaches for the team at Epic Games in order to keep the franchise going, but really it all comes down to sales numbers.

"Well, there's always the Peter Jackson route, right? Do The Hobbit or something like that. I mean, we're business people. Gears 1 and 2 sold about 6 million copies, so if this game comes out and, God willing, sells 8 or 10 million it would be completely dumb to not do another one, right?"

Bleszinski hasn’t been shy about voicing his hopes for Gears 3 sales, and based on early projections, he may be extremely pleased. As such, that would mean titles like the oft-mentioned Gears Kinect iteration could be put into production sooner rather than later — if it isn’t already.

The future is still unwritten for the Gears of War franchise as of right now, but as we near the trilogy-ending title’s release gamers can expect things to get a bit clearer. Cliffy B and the team at Epic certainly aren’t against revisiting their franchise, especially since it has brought them a ton of fame and notoriety (some of which Bleszinski hopes will wane over time), but only if the fans desire it.

It’s hard to speak for a large population of gamers, but if the reception at this past E3 and the sheer amount of pre-orders and beta participants are any indication, we haven’t seen the last of Gears of War.

Would you like to see more Gears of War titles that explore other sides of that universe? Or would you like to see Epic Games take their talent to a new property and leave Gears of War as a trilogy?

Gears of War 3 releases September 20, 2011 for the Xbox 360.

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