Better Buy Some Aspirin, Epic Games Teases Huge Announcement

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With the Gears of War trilogy coming to an end, Epic Games is desperate to prove that they will continue to be a relevant developer once their “chainsaw-wielding” franchise curb stomps its last locust. A recent tweet from Tanya Jessen, a producer for Epic, hinted that an announcement of “epic” proportions would be made at next week’s Gamescom.

Word for word the tweet reads:

"A #Bulletstorm sized unveil coming to Games-Com - I'd tell you to hold onto your hats, but that won't matter when your HEAD EXPLODES :D"

This tweet could be hinting at many different projects. First, it could mean that Epic is planning on announcing a new feature for the hotly anticipated Bulletstorm. Are we potentially looking at a multiplayer game mode, something that Epic does so well?

Second, the tweet could be hinting at an announcement related to the Gears of War franchise. This could be anything from a Gears of War 3 beta to a simultaneous release on the PC.

Third, Epic could be announcing a sequel to one of their other popular titles. The obvious choices for sequels would be Unreal Tournament, one of their flagship titles, or Shadow Complex, everyone's favorite XBLA game.

The final possibility is that Epic is unveiling an entirely new IP altogether, much like they did with Bulletstorm -- something that they have had in the works for a while but kept gamers in the dark about.

All of these options seem just as likely as the other, based on Epic’s track record of continually blowing past our expectations. Developer People Can Fly was put to task trying to work within the constraints of the PlayStation and Xbox, but they were able to make it work. Bulletstorm looks to be an insane combination of bloody combat mixed with a skill-based point system.

Gears of War 3 seems like it has given us all the goodies we can possibly want. And it will continue to keep us guessing until we actually play the game. I’m looking at you Clayton Carmine.

Would Epic want to take some of the press away from Bulletstorm, a game they are only partially-involved with, by unveiling another IP? My hope is yes. Shadow Complex developer Chair Entertainment has shown a real mastery of solid game mechanics. With Epic fully invested in their next title, who knows what Chair could produce?

Honestly, any of the options would be the delicious dessert on top of a future meal that looks to fill gamers to the brim. I think it is best if we just sit back and prepare to take a little extra weight off our shoulders.

What do you think Epic’s announcement will be, Ranters? Any possibility that I didn’t mention you would like to see happen? Leave us a comment to secure your place as the next Nostradamus.

Source: Hooked Gamers

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