Epic Games Working on a New IP

Epic Games has been trying their very best to finish up work on Gears of War 3, and with the game set to release next month they’ve shifted into crunch mode. It seems they also need a little bit of help wrapping up the game’s development, because several job listings were recently spotted on Epic’s ‘Careers’ page (on their official website).

This listing was spotted by French gaming site Xboxygen, which was then translated by Eurogamer. The post states that Epic is looking for Gameplay Programmers to work on the severely anticipated Gears of War 3. While the game is almost complete, and is currently set to hit retailers in a little over a month’s time, the listing adds one especially interesting detail – a “new unannounced IP.”

“Epic Games is looking for Gameplay Programmers to join the team currently working on Gears of War 3, as well as a new unannounced IP in development.”

Epic Games has hinted towards what they may be working on after wrapping up development on Gears 3 in the past, and fans have been reassured that the Gears of War franchise won’t end with the third installment. They’ve even publicly acknowledged that they’ve neglected the Unreal Tournament series, but that doesn’t mean they’re eager to jump back into that series right away.

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The job listing mentions that the game is a new intellectual property, so it could very well be an entirely new franchise for the company. The new game could be the title that was demoed in Epic’s trailer at this year’s Game Developers Conference — which was essentially their take on the next generation of gaming. They stated that if there was enough interest then the tech demo could very well become its own game, and given the fact that the trailer created quite a bit of buzz among gamers it’s plausible that Epic Games decided to pursue the title.

It’ll be interesting to see what Epic is working on post-Gears 3, but an official reveal of the new title likely won’t be coming for quite some time.

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Source: Xboxygen & Epic Games (via Eurogamer)