Epic Games: 'There's A Ton Of Stories' in the 'Gears of War' Universe

Epic Games Gears of War Universe

This September, the long-awaited Gears of War 3 will be released and the current trilogy will come to an end. Gamers may be eagerly anticipating the bittersweet release of Gears 3, but after the game has been completed and the hardcore players have found all of the of the easter eggs that have been packed in, then reality will set in that the trilogy is over. Fortunately, it seems that Epic Games will ensure that the franchise continues to live long after the closing credits role in Gears of War 3.

While at GDC, the fine folks at IndustryGamers had a chance to sit down and talk with none other than Epic Games' President Mike Capps. It was previously reported that Capps would love to bring the Gears trilogy to the PlayStation 3, but that's not all the news that came from the brief powwow held at this year's GDC.

When Capps was asked if Epic had plans for Gears of War post-launch, he seemed to think that the franchise still had plenty of other stories to tell.

"It's a really good question. If no one buys Gears 3 [laughs] I'll tell you what the future is right now. I'm hoping it'll be the biggest entertainment launch this year, but it might not be. So it is definitely a trilogy and the story is a trilogy; I think people will get that experience when they reach the end. I don't want gamers to feel cheated. At the same time, I've worked on the comics, we've got the novels... there's a ton of stories in this universe. There's certainly more space to tell a different story if we wanted to."

"We don't have an exact plan for 'here's what we're doing next' but I think we'll wait and see and maybe give folks a little rest for a while."

It's reassuring to know that Epic Games has so many different options for the next Gears of War game, when and if they decide to start making another installment, and one of the obvious directions to take the series is to the Kinect. A Gears of War Kinect title has been rumored since November of last year, and early reports go so far as to state that the title will be an "On-Rails Shooter". Of course, the series isn't likely to break off into a bunch of spin-offs, so nobody should get too worked up over the possibility of losing the third-person battles and cover system that have become trademarks of the Gears of War games.

What kind of Gears of War game would you like to see next? Where do you think Epic Games will take the franchise?

Gears of War 3 will be available for the Xbox 360 on September 20, 2011, but anyone who has secured their position in the Gears 3 beta by purchasing Bulletstorm's Epic Edition can dig into a few of the game's delicious multiplayer options beginning April 18th.

Source: IndustryGamers

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