Epic Games Designer Releases Fresh Details on New Title 'Fortnite'

Epic Games Fortnite Gameplay

Epic Games finally revealed their new game Fortnite during last night's Spike VGAs, and while it wasn't exactly what everyone was expecting, it seemed like a cool premise that combines survival with... fort building. While the official debut trailer for Fortnite gave a basic idea of the final product that Epic has in mind, it really didn't go into much detail at all.

Since there is a current lack of info for the upcoming title, Epic Games' Lead Designer, Lee Perry, took to Twitter to inform curious fans, and of course tease everyone about information that Epic is not willing to disclose just yet.

Perry did answer some of the most pressing questions fans are currently wondering about, such as whether the building mechanics of Fortnite are pre-scripted or freeform.

Perry answered this question and a few more:

"I see lots of questions asking if Fortnite is freeform construction. It is. It's not scripted or just boarding up existing structures."

"Fortnite and it stands to reason if you can build a world, anything can be destroyed. That's about all I'm tossing out there for now :)"

World building sounds like a very cool concept, but doesn't it sound a little familiar? One fan recognized the correlation between the hit indie game Minecraft and Fortnite, and Perry was quick to point out the key difference between the two titles.

"Minecraft let's you build ANYTHING, we are focusing on constructing 'buildings' specifically."

These details aren't by any means earth-shattering, but freeform building does make the game sound a lot more appealing. Epic Games hasn't even confirmed whether or not Fortnite will be made available as a downloadable title or a retail game, nor have they mentioned which formats it will release on.

It was revealed that the chances “of weapon crafting/traps, level system, underground exploration, boss fights, team survival mode, [and] rare loot" in Fortnite were "high," so fans should expect plenty more details in the coming months.

Stay tuned to Game Rant for more information on Fortnite as it becomes available.

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Source: Lee Perry's Twitter

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