Epic Games Admits They Have Neglected The ‘Unreal’ Series

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Epic Admits They Neglected Unreal Series

When asked what game they associate with developer Epic Games, many gamers would immediately jump to the Gears Of War series. Before Gears though, there was the Unreal series, known for its fast-paced and addictive multiplayer. In recent years though, this series has seemingly disappeared with the last major release being Unreal Tournament 3 on the Xbox 360 in 2008.

As a series that has always been a staple of the PC gaming market, many gamers have been wishing for a proper new release in the Unreal series. Instead, over the past few years Epic Games has shifted their focus to that of console gaming with the brunt of this focus being on bringing the Gears Of War series to a close, even if they still have future plans for the series. Unsurprisingly, this has left many PC gamers feeling neglected, but the end of the drought may be in sight.

According to Mike Capps, President of Epic Games:

“We have a couple other major franchises that we’ve not been paying attention to. It’s been a long time since we shipped an Unreal game, and it’s an awfully loved franchise that we hold pretty dear here. We haven’t been giving it the attention it deserves because we’ve been focusing on Gears of War and we’re still a relatively small company.”

For gamers that have been itching for an announcement of a new Unreal game, this statement all but confirms that there is still hope. The one big question that will no doubt be on many gamers’ minds though, is which platform this game would show up on. While it would make the most sense for it to be on the PC where the majority of its fan-base resides, with their recent focus on home consoles and the success they have achieved, it would also not be surprising to see a new Unreal game appearing there as well.

This then brings forth the question of which platform the game would be made for and which would be the one receiving the port. Regardless of Epic’s decision, there are sure to be many gamers that will be up in arms. This is the unfortunate reality of walking the line between two types of platforms that have a notorious animosity, and no matter what the decision is, there will be unhappy gamers.

Regardless, Mike Capps is scheduled to make a keynote presentation at this year’s GDC Europe in August, so gamers should keep their fingers crossed, lest he provide some details regarding the future of the Unreal series.

Would you like to see a new Unreal game? Do you think it should remain a PC-focused series or branch out to consoles?

Source: IndustryGamers