It’s been quite a while since anything from Fortnite has been revealed or even talked about, with the last major dosage of footage hailing from their Comic-Con panel last year. Epic Games has kept the game largely under wraps, but are quite confident that Fortnite will be a legendary title when it does eventually release. The studio says they’ll begin to roll-out footage of the game ‘at their own pace.’

Footage from Fortnite was set to be used during a demonstration for theĀ Unreal Engine 4, but executives within Epic Games decided to pull the content out entirely just three weeks before it was to be shown at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco last week. As explained by Epic Games Vice President Mark Rein, the only reason they pulled it out was because they didn’t want to tease audiences with such a tiny taste of the game:

“All of the Unreal demos we were going to do [at GDC] were all going to use Fortnite content. You saw in the tools demos – the rooms, the globes, the animations… that was all created after I said, ‘Fortnite is too good to ruin in this demo.’ And by ruin I meant showing people a little, tiny bit of it – a little streak of world.”

The game is set to be one of the first Epic Games productions of the post-Bleszinski era, and the world will be waiting with baited breath to see if it can live up to the hype now given to it by Mark Rein.

Fortnite Screenshot 6

The PC-only game currently has no released date, and will be subjected to a ‘slow reveal’ where hands-on time will only be given to a few hundred people. While some may grow suspicious of titles kept under wraps for so long, Rein assures fans and pundits alike that they just don’t want to ruin peoples’ first impressions of the title – despite the fact that they already displayed the game last year at Comic-Con.

“It’s got such a long lifespan that we just don’t want to rush it. With your first impression of it, you need to understand what it is. So if you don’t do that you sort of ruin people’s first impression of it.”

With a complete lack of information coming from the studio in the last 6 months, the company is expected to give some more information at either Comic-Con 2013 or E3 this year.

What do you think about Fortnite, Ranters? Will it live up to the polished experience that Epic Games is known for producing, or will it come and go in within a fortnight?

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Source: CVG