Free-to-Play ‘Epic Arena’ Coming to iOS, Android This Summer

By | 2 years ago 

There was once a time when the most successful mobile games were bite-sized, but that has long passed. There was also a time when collectible card/online battle games were niche genres, but that, too, has changed. With iOS and Android gaming growing by the year, and titles like Netrunner and Hearthstone only gaining momentum, Epic Arena looks to combine the genres in a free-to-play showdown played asynchronously from a mobile device or PC.

Advertised as a “a turn-based, online multiplayer battle royale, that combines a card, board and tactical game into one epic experience,” Epic Arena has already proven successful on Facebook, and the next step in development brings the game to both iOS and Android devices free of charge (with microtransactions) with both solo missions and online competitive matches.

A combination like that might sound complicated, but the actual gameplay is simple enough. The beginning of each asynchronous match starts with a random draw of fighting units, power-ups, and additional items. From there, the battle follows a typical turn-based combat, with movements and attacks limited each round. But where the extra layer of engagement lies is in unique points scattered throughout the Arena, offering offensive boosts, defensive buffs, and more.

Epic Arena Game Logo

The extra layer means players paying special attention, or putting a bit more thought into their turns before sending play back to their opponent will likely thrive. But since every match begins with a random assignment of class types and Power Cards, the layout of the Arena itself can hold the key to victory – assuming the player knows how to use it to their specific fighters’ advantage.  Add in the passive bonuses handed out to each side – the Legion of Chaos vs. the Brotherhood of Order – and it packs more layers than may seem obvious at first glance.

The Legion of Chaos

Guided by the power of the Eye of Chaos, The Legion of Chaos thrives in a world of uncertainty and brutality. Forever advancing on the Third Plane of Existence they seek control of the Arena and will defeat all those who oppose the return of entropy and decay.

Epic Arena Order of Chaos - Witch

Brotherhood of Order

Deriving their power from the sacred Dragon Egg, the order has no patience for the undisciplined and weak. A beacon of virtue and strength on the Third Plane of Existence, the Order wages an endless war against the forces of entropy and darkness and seeks permanent control of the Arena.

Epic Arena Brotherhood of Order- Fighter

The game is yet another mobile title looking to hit paydirt in the world of asynchronous gameplay – a fickle genre for many, but a license to print money for those games which manage to develop a following. With its price of admission set at ‘free,’ there’s no reason for mobile gamers who also enjoy an occasional turn of card-based, board, or tactical games to give it a try.

While currently released on Facebook, Epic Arena launches on the iOS and Android platforms this summer. More information can be found by visiting the game’s official site here.


Epic Arena will be available this summer as a free download on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.