The Nintendo Switch is pulling in another indie game port, this time the popular rogue-like Enter the Gungeon. Developer Dodge Roll published an update on the port to Twitter recently confirming that development was still on track for the game to launch later this year. The Enter the Gungeon team even went as far as saying that a release date was being finalized. But the true gem of the announcement was the adorable GIF featuring the player character pulling a smiling Nintendo Switch out of an in-game treasure chest.

Enter the Gungeon launched in April 2016 as a console exclusive on PlayStation 4, but also became available on PC. Its exclusivity deal must have been for a year, as it then came to Xbox One in April 2017. Bringing the game to the Nintendo Switch seems to be more of a development challenge than an exclusivity issue, though, so there’s also a chance that the problem relates to Nintendo’s licensing and approval process. Whatever the reason for the hold-up, Enter the Gungeon seems to be on a “when it’s done” development schedule for Switch.

Launching on Nintendo Switch provides a unique opportunity for Enter the Gungeon. The rogue-like bullet hell game offers a unique mix of personality and action unlike anything else on the platform. And the faster it can launch on Switch, the less competition it’s going to have there. The longer development lasts, however, the more likely Enter the Gungeon is to run into the wall of releases coming to the platform this holiday season.

There are a myriad number of indie games lining up for publication on the Nintendo Switch, both due to high demand and because the platform is perfect for pick-up-and-play titles. Somewhere between the downturn of the PlayStation Vita and the Nintendo 3DS’ two screens has been an audience left not catered to, which is hungry for a handheld platform that could play games like Enter the Gungeon, Stardew Valley, Shovel Knight, The Binding of Isaac, and so much more. It’s no surprise that so many titles are being ported over.

Yet despite the successes of indie games on Nintendo Switch, few games are being launched as of yet. This could be due to the scene’s slow realization that the Nintendo Switch is wildly successful, but is more likely due to Nintendo’s publishing process for small games. Nintendo of America’s head of partner management Damon Baker famously confessed that they were being “selective” when deciding what indie games to allow on the Nintendo Switch. That Enter the Gungeon is even able to confirm a port shows its qualities. And it will show those qualities directly on Nintendo Switch soon.

Enter the Gungeon is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Expect more information on the forthcoming Nintendo Switch release in the months to come.

Source: DodgeRollGames – Twitter