Enslaved: Odyssey to the West not only has the weirdest name around, but now it has a release date. As reported and confirmed by Gamer Zine, an employee from Namco-Bandai has confirmed that the graphically gifted title will launch in the UK on October 8, later this year. That’s not too far off if you think about it, so for those of you who have been following the title like a creepy ex-girlfriend follows your Twitter page then you are in luck because we have a trailer for you to enjoy.

You can check out the Enslaved trailer in all of it’s high-res glory just below:


If you didn’t really pay attention to the trailer then here’s a brief synopsis. The game takes place 150 years in the future. A humongous war on Earth has lead to the creation of some kind of robotic species that patrols the world. You are Monkey (which is the most original name I’ve heard since Blanket), and you have to escape the slave ship you are being held on with a fellow prisoner of the opposite sex named Trip. You’ll spend the length of the game protecting Trip while simultaneously trying to get back home and away from some pretty gnarly looking robots.

The graphics are some of the best I’ve ever seen on either console, but what more would you expect from developer Ninja Theory (the same company who was responsible for a fantastic looking game called Heavenly Sword). It will be interesting to see how the plot and gameplay turn out in this title, because as we all know, visuals don’t make a the game great (although they certainly help). I’m sure Ninja Theory will do just fine in terms of an enjoyable plot.

The game is hitting the UK on October 8, and North America likely around the same time.

How do you think Enslaved: Odyssey to the West will turn out? Are you anticipating its October 8 release date?

Source: Gamer Zines