An indepedent videogame developer releases ENDCIV to the Steam Greenlight platform, hoping a mix of SimCity and Fallout 4 gameplay aspects will attract fans.

Gamers who love the city simulation genre may have something new on the horizon, as a new indie game entitled ENDCIV aims to incorporate aspects of both SimCity and Fallout 4 in a unique post-apocalyptic twist to the genre. ENDCIV is being developed by a small independent studio named Crowbox, and the all-new city simulator will place players as the leader of small community struggling to survive after society collapses.

The game is currently attempting to pass the Steam Greenlight process, and should it garner enough votes from Steam users it will appear as an early access title and become available for anyone to purchase. In the early alpha build video below, the developers showed off some items that could be crafted early-game, like cardboard beds, campfires, and storage facilities. The command system for gathering supplies and exploring reminded us of Dwarf Fortress, which is certainly a good thing.

Take a look at the ENDCIV’s first gameplay demo below, which shows off a group of survivors staking out a new home:

Players will be forced to send citizens to scavenge for materials, and even once some basic structures are complete the real struggle will still have yet to begin: fresh water degrades over time, and unused food will rot. Rotten food can contaminate the area, and needs to be properly composted. It looks like managing energy, labor, and agriculture will be a challenging trifecta of constant tasks in ENDCIV, and the result looks like it could be a great twist to the genre.

Though they weren’t shown in the above vide, ENDCIV will eventually incorporate combat mechanics for things like when raiders, nomads, and other tribes become involved. Players who encounter rival tribes will have to make diplomatic decisions on the fly, as forming alliances or simply conquering the rival tribes are sure to reap their own rewards.

Fallout 4 did have its own settlement building game mode, and (while gamers could use it to create some formidable fortresses) the inhabitants never really made it feel like it was ‘lived in’.  The idea behind ENDCIV is certainly an intriguing twist on the city simulator genre, and we’ll be keeping a close eye on the game is it goes through development. It’s got a long way to go, but every game had to start somewhere.

Gamers can take a look at the game directly from its Steam Greenlight page here.

If everything goes well for ENDCIV, it should be able to pass Steam Greenlight and will become available for early access next month. It is currently exclusively for PC.

Source: Kotaku

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