The 10 Most Embarrassing E3 Moments in Video Game History

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A couple of weeks ago, we celebrated the 10 Greatest E3 Moments in the history of the gaming’s most storied event. And indeed, E3 is known for giving us the incredible moments that will live on throughout the annals of gaming history. However, it’s also known for being…well, sometimes, less than satisfactory.

In fact, E3 has been home to some of the most cringe-worthy, face-palm moments in all of entertainment. So, pull up your boot straps and get ready to wade through the worst of the worst. The 10 most embarrassing E3 moments ever.

10. Konami’s Rock Revolution Failure (E3 2008)

Rock Revolution - Gameplay

Konami is responsible for being pioneers in the music game genre with games like Dance Dance Revolution, but the genre didn’t reach mainstream success until Guitar Hero came out. Konami then attempted to compete against Rock Band and Guitar Hero at E3 2008, but the result was a complete flop in the form of Rock Revolution.

To make matters worse, the presenters on stage playing the game actually failed the song. They were booed off stage virtually, and while E3 goers are usually too polite to boo in person (unless you’re trying to sell an AT&T Vita), watching such a weak performance from people meant to be experts probably tempted many in attendance to raise their voices.

9. Wonderbook (E3 2012)

Wonderbook Release Date

People like Harry Potter. People like video games. Let’s make a “magic” book loosely based on Harry Potter that players shake a Wii remote knockoff at. Thus is the concept behind the ill-conceived Wonderbook.

In an attempt to appeal to the casual market, Sony cooked up the idea to use motion controls in conjunction with a book-shaped peripheral. Acquiring the backing of Harry Potter author JK Rowling was a smart move, but not using the name “Harry Potter,” however, was not. Furthermore, the E3 stage demo of the device was full of technical issues and the device not working properly, which probably wasn’t good advertising.

To Wonderbook‘s credit, it at least released on a national scale. The next E3 peripheral failure, on the other hand…


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