'Elite: Dangerous' & 'Scrolls' Get Cool Launch Trailers

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If you've been participating in the Elite: Dangerous beta program to test out the gorgeous space sim - and perhaps, its Oculus Rift VR support - then everything you've accomplished in the game to date still counts. As the crowdfunded Elite: Dangerous prepares for its full release on December 16th, developer Frontier Developments happily announced that there will be no wipe of that beta progress.

Better yet, as players jump into the new title, the starting amount of currency has increased tenfold. Even existing players get the bonus credits too. To celebrate, Frontier has released the official Elite: Dangerous launch trailer featuring Royal Blood’s ‘Out Of The Black’ track. That's not the only cool video game release to look forward to before 2014 comes to an end...

Mojang's long-in-development Scrolls is finally releasing in full as well. Since the indie company was acquired by Microsoft alongside the Minecraft IP, there have been a few pro-consumer changes to trading card game, namely its massive price drop and focus on supporting equalized cross-platform play across PC and mobile devices. Oddly enough, Scrolls also had a "launch trailer" last year but below is the real one since it's actually now available in full.


These are two high profile, highly anticipated and awesome-looking titles of two completely different genres. Much like Scrolls coming in when Magic: The Gathering and Blizzard's Hearstone are proving the card game market to be super popular, Elite: Dangerous couldn't come at a better time with PC games thriving, space sims making an epic comeback and excitement for VR technology at a fever pitch. Elite offers a connected full-scale recreation of our Milky Way galaxy where players use their own starships in a struggle to defeat and takeover the Emperor in the year 3300, an in-game story event that launches alongside the game. The entire overall narrative is controlled by the players and their actions.

Elite: Dangerous includes ‘out of the box’ support for 4K ultra-high definition, 3D TV, Track IR and Oculus Rift VR for those with appropriate hardware.

Scrolls is currently available on Android, PC and Mac and you can find more details here. Interested Elite: Dangerous pilots to be can still pre-order the Elite: Dangerous Mercenary Edition for £35.00 ($50 and €40), which is a £4.99 pre-order discount from the £39.99 launch day retail price. It's available here and includes:

  • A digital download of Elite: Dangerous.
  • Your very own additional Eagle fighter ship docked in a secondary location in-game.
  • Exclusive pack of ship paint jobs.
  • A ‘day one’ ship decal.
  • A digital players’ guide.
  • A digital concept art book.
  • All those who pre-order the game get to play the single player combat missions immediately. A new launcher will accompany Gamma 2.00, allowing access to single player combat missions for those with early access to Elite: Dangerous as well as everyone who has pre-ordered.

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