The investigative Elite: Dangerous community possibly uncovers evidence of an alien life-form in Frontier Developments’ popular space exploration simulator.

For the uninitiated, last year, Frontier Developments’ CEO David Braben made a casual reference to Elite: Dangerous containing non-celestial objects that had gone undiscovered since the establishment of the game’s version 1.2. Braben’s remark piqued the curiosity of the space adventure title’s fan base, leading them to explore Elite: Dangerous‘ vast solar system until very recently, as the player known as Commander Octo has now uncovered giant Space Barnacles on Merope 5C, which could point to the existence of an alien life-form.

Nearly after the game’s release date and prior to Commander Octo’s find, the Elite: Dangerous community had been teased about extraterrestrials being in the title as a part of a sprawling ARG involving a mysterious Unknown Artefact found 130-150 light-years from the Merope system in Pleiades. Since fans were unsure about what it meant, an Elite: Dangerous producer hinted they should listen to the item, which revealed a bizarre recording that led to some believing it related to the Thargoids — the insect-like aliens from past Elite releases.

As seen in the video below (uploaded to YouTube by the user semtexzv), the Space Barnacles emit admittedly unsettling and jarring noises, with the sounds becoming extremely creepy around the 7:00 minute mark. Should fans wish to encounter them in-game in either the solo or open mode, they can take a lunar vehicle to Merope 5C at the coordinates: -026.3496°, -156.4044°.

Of course, most Elite: Dangerous fans’ reactions to the find was to see if the Barnacles could be destroyed, so they shot at the central structure and peripheral spires with wild abandon. Apparently, the former is invincible, but the latter can be demolished and will grow back periodically. Plus, according to some players in the game’s official subreddit, the Space Barnacles can be mined for elements like Iron, Sulfur, Arsenic, Germanium, Manganese, Tungsten, and Arsenic.

What this alien discovery means for players of the 2015 Game Developer Choice Award-winning title going forward is still unclear, as the mystery is still far from answered. Perhaps the creators at Frontier Developments could chime in once more to help nudge fans in the right direction. After all, it was with the studio’s suggestions that gamers were able to make it this far.

Considering Frontier Developments’ dedication to the blend of scientific realism and sci-fi with Elite: Dangerous, the conundrum could unfold to reveal an intricate plot involving a completely different alien race other than the aforementioned Thargoids. Taking all of this into consideration, perhaps the use of SteamVR and HTC Vive products with the game could yield some useful new results. At this point, who knows?

Elite: Dangerous is currently available for Mac, PC, and Xbox One, and developers have previously announced plans for a release on PlayStation 4 sometime in the future.

Source: semtexzv – YouTube (via PCGamesN, Reddit)