The aliens in Elite: Dangerous have been vexing players for quite some time. And now, the mystery gets even more intense. One fan has shared spooky footage that shows two players encountering the foreign vessels in an all-new locale: the surface of a planet.

Elite: Dangerous players made initial contact with the alien vessels, known as “Thargoids” in-game, back in January — and to say that their interactions were less-than-normal would be a gross understatement. The Thargoids would rip players out of hyperspace before they reached their destination, scanning them into the void. The new footage, however, reveals an even stranger kind of encounter.

elite dangerous aliens

Captured by YouTube user CMDR Mobiusetti, the clip shows him and fellow Elite: Dangerous player McJamz digging for metal alloys near alien structures, more commonly called “barnacles” in the game’s community. Their endeavors were going swimmingly until their surface recon rovers went dark, suddenly losing power. The pair quickly started documenting the unexpected meeting; McJamz grabbed a slew of screenshots and Mobiusetti hopped out of his vehicle to make use of the in-game camera suite.

After their planetary rovers were disabled, McJamz and Mobiusetti were met with a familiar vessel: an unidentified Thargoid alien ships that ominously hovered over a barnacle. A tiny opening on the ship, the very same used to scan players’ vehicles and ships in the past, slid apart; from it, a beam of light shot straight down. But that’s not all. The ship also emitted what appears to be an energy beam, which touched down on the barnacle the ship was hovering over. By the looks of it, the ship was harvesting some energy or matter from the barnacle to refuel or to store for later use.

Though it may not appear like anything exciting, the planetbound face-off has been enough to stir up more curiosity among Elite: Dangerous fans — the same ones who have been rummaging through cryptic clues and hidden hints for years in hopes of uncovering more information about in-game aliens. That being said, this latest Elite: Dangerous alien encounter could present a potentially high-risk proposition to players; they may want to attack a Thargoid ship to completely clear the air and find out what’s really going on. Such an act may complicate the game’s dynamic, as the alien vessels haven’t exhibited any threats of violence.


In current and past encounters alike, the Thargoids haven’t “acted” aggressively toward their surroundings, haven’t communicated with players or objects (save for the Elite: Dangerous lunar explorers and the barnacle) in a threatening way. Here’s to hoping that players can rein in their curiosity and that more information about the Thargoids is soon revealed.

Elite: Dangerous is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: YouTube, Reddit