Electronic Arts Has New Plans for E3 2016

Electronic Arts announces 'EA Play', an event during E3 2016 week that will grant fans and game streamers hands-on access with games and access to exclusive memorabilia.

Last year, video game publisher Electronic Arts had a fantastic time at E3. During its annual press conference, EA wowed viewers with the official reveal of Mass Effect: Andromeda, it surprised with cutesy platformer Unravel, and EA also showed off new footage of previously announced games and spoke about its annual sports franchises.

Many of the games EA spoke about at E3 2015 could be played as soon as the company's press conference ended, with the new Need for Speed, FIFA 16 and even Star Wars Battlefront all being available on the conference floor. At E3 2016, this is set to change as EA is now scrapping its traditional booth for something a bit more fan-focused.

EA is calling its new initiative EA Play, and it will kick off with live events in Los Angeles and London the week of E3 2016 (LA is June 12-14, the London event is one day only on June 12). The publisher explains that the events will feature hands-on game demos, competitions, live streaming, special guest appearances, exclusive memorabilia and "much more". EA Play will also be free and spaces are limited, so those who want to attend should sign up (via the EA Play website) sooner rather than later.

Electronic Arts Puts Player First

Thankfully, though, there will be plenty of opportunities to keep up with EA Play action as EA's Chief Marketing Officer Chris Bruzzo reveals that EA "will be broadcasting from the event over the three days of the event on EA channels". Moreover, the company is "going to have spaces where content creators can walk up and stream right to their own channels".

This rise of streaming is likely a huge reason why EA has decided to shift to this kind of structure. Twitch and the launch of platforms such as YouTube Gaming present more opportunities for game publishers and developers to get the word out about their games, as people like millionaire YouTuber Felix "Pewdiepie" Kjellberg hype them up. In doing this, EA can get E3 coverage from traditional press as well as up and coming platforms.

However, despite all of this, EA's E3 2016 press conference will be "similar" to last year's "in that it’s very much about the games", though there will also be competitions, special guests and musical performances. EA previously confirmed that a Battlefield game would be released this year, and Titanfall 2 is also set to be released before spring 2017 so fans should expect those to make an appearance as well.

Source: IGN

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