Electronic Arts Wins 'Worst Company in America' Title for 2nd Year

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Well, it happened. After making its way through the "Worst Company in America" bracket for the second time in a row, Electronic Arts has been awarded with the dubious distinction. This time, however, the award comes hot off the heels of a public response from EA's Peter Moore — a response that was quite baffling.

Nevertheless, gamers can now officially call Electronic Arts the worst company in America. Their somewhat shady day-one DLC practices, their failure to deliver on the promises of Mass Effect 3, and an all-around general ineptitude when it comes to game development (read: making Dead Space 3 more action focused) are definitely the greater sins when compared to the likes of Bank of America. Wait…what?

Yes, for the second year in a row Electronic Arts also beat out Bank of America for the "Golden Poo" award. The same Bank of America that, in some respects, is responsible for ruining people's lives.

To get to that point, EA had to beat out the likes of Facebook, AT&T, and Ticketmaster -- all companies that might have a few shady business practices, or that value the almighty dollar over everything else, but not necessarily deserving of the "Worst Company in America" distinction. On the flip side, Bank of America ran the table on Chase, Walmart, and Comcast — again, companies maybe to avoid for cable, retail, and banking needs, but nowhere near the worst.

If Consumerist continues with this "competition," it might be a better idea to separate companies by specific markets. The idea of putting every bank together, or every cable company together, guarantees only one company of that type will move forward, but it also doesn't give a great sense of how bad one is versus the other.

If nothing else, though, this repeat performance by EA should hopefully have the publisher rethinking their business plan moving forward. After SimCity, we wouldn't be surprised if the publisher shied away from the always-on connection in the future. Although Microsoft might be implementing that feature for them.

When asked for a comment, a representative from EA said, "We can do better. We will do better." As we head into the next-generation of consoles, let's see if they do.

Do you think EA deserves the titles of Worst Company in America? How would you like to see the company prevent a three-peat?


Source: The Consumerist

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