EA in Finals For Battle of The Worst Company in America

EA America Worst Company

Electronic Arts' shenanigans have been well-documented as of late which has been met with noticeable scrutiny. The negative press attached to the developer and publisher has been on-going for a few years and 2012 has been no different - this has been showcased by, for example, the online pass requirement in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, a game not even featuring an online multiplayer component. Then there's the highly-publicized furor over Mass Effect 3's ending, as well as the game's on-disk DLC debacle.

The company's actions aren't going unnoticed by vocal consumers and as such, they've beaten AT&T to the finals of the consumer-voted worst company in America.

The Consumerist unveiled the semi-final results collected from voters for the crown of the worst company within America. Electronic Arts claimed 74.52% of the votes. Comparatively, the company they were up against, AT&T, received just 25.48%.

EA however, hasn't been named the worst company in America just yet despite its convincing win in the semi-finals. The firm will now face the Bank of America, who are partly to blame for the current poor condition of the economy. Can irate gamers who are channeling their frustration into the votes beat Americans who have suffered far worse, some being made jobless? For the firm that does win, an actual award entitled the 'Golden Poo' will be delivered.

Although defended by developers, online passes have been a largely negative experience for consumers. EA themselves recently confirmed that EA Sports MMA, which released during October 2010, will see its online multiplayer servers being shut down, leaving those who purchased an online pass recently understandably fuming. Why would EA continue a practice which clearly isn't welcomed by the majority of gamers? Well, for one, they're making millions by implementing online passes in their titles.

Considering the online pass debacles and the various amounts of cases pertaining to the companies they bought who have since noticeably dissolved or have just been outright shutdown (see: Westwood Studios, Bullfrog, Kesmai, Origin Systems, etc.) it's hard to argue that - while we don't know what it's actually like to work with the company - their qualification into the finals for America's worst company from a consumer perspective is understandable.

Ranters, do you believe EA deserves the crown as America's worst company?


Source: The Consumerist

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