Nintendo unveiled the Wii U during this year’s E3, and while they really didn’t have much to show about the new console, other than its controller, they did invite John Riccitello from Electronic Arts to come out and confirm that his company is working hard on some games for the new system.

Sure, he only came out and told the crowd to “imagine” games like Battlefield 3 on the Wii U, but it was obvious from that point on that EA was serious about providing solid games for Nintendo fans. That’s why it should come as no surprise to hear that EA is going to be a major player when the Wii U launches at some point next year. posted a recent interview with EA’s Frank Gibeau, in which he reconfirmed EA’s commitment to the Wii U, and also confirmed that it’s very important for EA to have games on the new system at launch. Gibeau stated that the innovation brought forth by the Wii U and its new controller really “struck our fancy.” He also confirmed that even though EA have yet to show any of their games running on the system, work is progressing nicely and those games will be shown off “when they’re looking ready, when they’re looking tight.”

“Getting in early is partly about being a successful transition company and figuring out where the hardware is going to go. With the Wii U it’s important for us to get there on day one so we can get in and build as big an audience as possible.”

We’ve known for a while that Electronic Arts would be bringing their software to the new Nintendo console, though EA has yet to confirm any specific games. Madden is an obvious choice to bring to the Wii U, but given that the console won’t be launching until next year it’s hard to say what else will make an appearance. Mass Effect 3 certainly seems like a logical candidate to launch next to the Wii U, but EA will have to offer exclusive content for those who purchase the game months after its original release.

If EA and BioWare were to release something along the lines of a Mass Effect Trilogy (Tril-Wii-gy?) bundle for the Wii U, it would likely sell pretty well. Whatever EA has planned for the Wii U will likely be kept under wraps for a few more months, but Game Rant will be sure to keep you updated on any Wii U-related developments in the meantime.

What games do you think EA has in development for the Wii U? Which EA games would you most like to see come to the system?

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