E3’s conference day bonanza may have come and gone, but the industry still has plenty of secrets stashed up its sleeves. Speaking on Electronic Arts’ latest analyst’s call this week, EA Labels President Frank Gibeau confirmed the existence of up to six new publisher-owned IPs.

Whilst no concrete identities were divulged during the fiscal summit itself, Gibeau did deign to add that each project’s future depended upon market shifts and stability. Could this make for more “safe” sequels and licensed titles in the pipeline? Given the low percentage of original IPs already being developed (a measly 3 from 20) it certainly looks likely.

So what might these mystery titles entail? Well, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 15, usually such a shoo-in for yearly release, has been rumored to be taking a year off. With the series’ latest entry hitting the greens just over three months ago, golf’s go-to game was never likely to tee-off at this year’s E3, but could it still reappear later in the year?

SSX’s venerable extremity hasn’t resurfaced since 2012’s well-received reboot to the franchise. Toning down the psychedelic neon-clad madness for a bevy of real life locales, the franchise might just be arcing toward total simulation this time around. Stabled with EA’s larger-than-life ‘Big’ brand until 2008, the quirky series now sits alongside a whole host of serious sporting titles. Could SSX itself start appearing in soulless yearly iterations?


EA Mass Effect

Despite an altogether ignominious ending to Commander Shepherd’s epic space saga, the Mass Effect franchise remains one hot property. Back in May Game Rant reported on the uncertainty still surrounding the mooted next-gen ME. Will the series make its return in familiar form, or does Bioware Montreal’s promise of a “fresh and new” experience reflect a more widespread shift in emphasis? Shooter, RTS, God-awful Mako racer – The next Mass Effect could be just about anything.

2011’s Fight Night Champion took the celebrated boxing franchise in a more story-oriented direction and earned a glut of critical plaudits in the process. Will EA’s next effort at fighting fame attempt to emulate that game’s emotional resonance, or will the lure to produce typically stunning graphics take precedence?

With a universally derided display of me-too-ism, Medal of Honor: Warfighter (read our review) didn’t just disappoint fans of the series, it served to terminate the once-proud property for good. Or so we were told. Executive Director John Riccitello recently included the beleaguered franchise in what he called the companies’ “key considerations” for 2013. Given that Riccitello was addressing investors at the time, it’s unlikely the mention was made erroneously, but can the series really recover so soon?

Like Mass Effect, the Dead Space series erred ever-so-slightly with its final outing, and like Mass Effect, the brand remained relatively unscarred by the process. With Dead Space 3 supplanting scares for more high-octane action is now the time to return the franchise to its horror roots, before a Resident Evil 6-type calamity strikes?

EA Dead Space

Burnout last blazed onto consoles with 2011’s Burnout: Crash, a downloadable title that turned the series’ much-loved pile-ups into a standalone experience. With the news coming out of E3 this week that Ghost Games has taken over the Need for Speed mantle, franchise developers Criterion may yet get another shot at their beloved Burnout series. Will the newly trimmed down EA consider releasing two reasonably similar racing titles? They certainly didn’t object to having two modern-world first-person-shooters in development at one time (Battlefield & MOH, respectively).

With so many EA properties currently in limbo, the possibilities are truly endless. Will we see sequels for Skate, Army of Two or Grand Slam Tennis? What about FIFA Street & NBA Jam? Is EA Sports Active 3 just over the horizon? Will Def Jam be dropping the mic anytime soon? Hit the comments below to chime in and tell us what you think.

Source: CVG