Electronic Arts Says Skate 4 Isn't In Development

Skate 4 Not In Development

Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson shuts down the recent rumors of Skate 4 being in development, plainly stating that the game is not currently being worked on.

Just a few days ago, EA senior community manager Daniel Lingen stirred the figurative pot when he made a propitious, albeit vague, tweet about Skate 4. The Electronic Arts employee simply tweeted the hashtag #skate4, prompting the masses to speculate on if this meant an official announcement for Skate 4 would follow shortly after the indistinct message. Unfortunately, it seems the hopeful fans were the victim of a simple prank, as Electronic Arts has now declared that Skate 4 is not currently in development.

Speaking to investors during the Electronic Arts Q3 2017 financials discussion today, EA CEO Andrew Wilson plainly stated that the publisher is "not presently making Skate 4", dashing down the rumors which had sprung up over the last two days. It's clear that many fans have been excited about the potential of a series comeback, as Lingen's original tweet has now amassed over 25,000 likes and almost 15,000 retweets.

It's possible that Lingen's earlier tweet was made to gauge consumer interest in Skate 4, as the publisher could be examining the the analytics behind the tweet for marketing considerations. Fans looking for current generation skateboarding content may not be entirely out of luck, however, as Tony Hawk has confirmed that he's working on what may be a new Tony Hawk's Pro Skater inspired videogame - although he'll be tackling the task without Activision this time around. The publisher's lack of support for the skateboard legend doesn't spur much of a surprise, as Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 was a disaster of epic proportions.

It's been almost seven years since Skate 3 glided onto last generation consoles, with Microsoft recently adding the title to its backward compatibility library in late 2016. When the game originally launch in 2010, Game Rant's Skate 3 review declared that gamers would be hard-pressed to find a better skating title, and avid fans have evidently been hungry for more quality skateboarding content from EA. For now, though, it looks like whether Electronic Arts will ever grind through the development process for Skate 4 remains up in the air.

skate 3 gameplay

Wilson is a firm believer that the PS4 Pro and Project Scorpio are great for the industry, so perhaps when the latter comes out gamers will see have a potential 4K cross-platform skating title to think about.

Electronic Arts' fiscal discussions today also revealed that Star Wars Battlefront 2 will feature a single-player campaign and content from multiple eras.

Would you be interested in Electronic Arts publishing Skate 4, Ranters? Do you think the game has a chance of being developed?

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