The good news: Nintendo has a Nintendo Direct presentation lined up for tomorrow morning that will hopefully shed some light on the company’s remaining 2013 releases. The bad news: while first party support is still going strong, support from a few third party publishers has tapered off substantially, or in Electronic Arts‘ case, completely.

Earlier today, Electronic Arts spokesman Jeff Brown revealed the publisher currently has no Wii U games in development. No ports, no console exclusives, nothing.

Although the fact Nintendo has all but lost support from one of the more prominent companies out there is somewhat troubling, this news isn’t entirely surprising. When DICE revealed the Frostbite 3 engine could not run on the Wii U, that nixed any chances gamers might see Mass Effect 4, Battlefield 4, or Dragon Age III on the console. And since Frostbite 3 is fast becoming the standard for EA products, it only makes sense that Wii U support would taper off.

This announcement also comes about two weeks after EA Sports revealed Madden would be skipping the Wii U for this year’s and future iterations. When breaking that news, however, EA suggested their relationship with Nintendo was still strong, even if Madden NFL 25 wasn’t coming to the Wii U.

This more recent development indicates almost the complete opposite. Obviously, EA’s decision likely has something to do with the Wii U’s poor sales, but the publisher would never come out and say that. The safer bet was simply to say there are no Wii U games currently in development.

Nintendo fans have likely become accustomed to taking the bad news with the good, but this particular revelation is yet another reminder that Nintendo needs help. Sure, the Nintendo faithful can let their console collect dust while they wait for the next Mario, Zelda, or Smash Bros., but what about everyone else?

To be fair, most gamers aren’t going to want to play a multiplatform title if a PS4 or Xbox 720 version is available, but that’s not necessarily the point. Hopefully, tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct will bring good news…a lot of good news.

Are you surprised to find out EA doesn’t have any Wii U games in development? Wii U owners, does this news concern you?

Source: Kotaku