EA to Make Special Announcement at The Game Awards

EA Special Announcement The Game Awards

With a little over 24 hours until The Game Awards goes live on Twitch and a dozen other streaming services, it's fair to say that the 12 world premieres have likely been solidified for the show. But, most of them are still a mystery to us, outside of a few reveals from show producer Geoff Keighley.

Just this week, for example, Keighley revealed that The Game Awards would feature closer looks at the new King's Quest from The Odd Gentleman, as well as an appearance by Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima. And just recently, EA's Peter Moore confirmed he will be on hand to make a "special announcement."

Given Electronic Arts' diverse portfolio of sports titles, RPGs, and shooters, it's hard to predict what Moore might reveal at The Game Awards. Battlefield: Hardline already has a release date, so that's out. And it might be a little too early to talk about Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC.

Obviously, the most hopeful among us would like to see Peter Moore reveal something Star Wars related, but it's hard to imagine EA not saving that for their own E3 press conference. But, if we indulge that thought for a moment, there's a ton of possibilities.


EA could give fans a closer look at Star Wars: Battlefront, which we just recently learned will launch in fall 2015. Or they could finally give us an idea what Visceral Games is working on with their Amy Hennig-lead Star Wars project. We'd even take an appearance from BioWare just to hear them name-drop Knights of the Old Republic.

We also wouldn't complain if Moore wanted to say anything…er…more about the next Mass Effect from BioWare. We know development is still relatively early, but the teaser campaign as already begun, so why not share a little more? Not to mention, BioWare seems to have a good relationship with Keighley's awards shows.

Star Wars Battlefront Release Window

As we mention, though, those scenarios seem unlikely given The Game Awards/Spike Awards' diminished profile in recent years. Where past shows have unveiled games like Skyrim and Mass Effect 3, now the focus is on new gameplay trailers and indie releases. Which is why a Star Wars reveal is unlikely. Still, fans can hope.

What do you think Electronic Arts will reveal at The Game Awards? What other reveals do you hope to see at the show?

The Game Awards streams live on Twitch at 6pm PST.


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