Elders Play ‘Grand Theft Auto 5’, Visit Strip Club & More

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The Grand Theft Auto series has always stirred up controversy, especially amongst non-gaming parents and older people. Between the violence, crime, and sexual content, everything that Grand Theft Auto fans enjoy is simultaneously what makes the series awful to non-gamers.

Given the controversy surrounding Grand Theft Auto V, one might expect that elders would undoubtedly dislike anything the game had to offer. The latest episode of the Elders Play series tests that theory, exposing senior citizens to the game, and filming their reactions.

This episode is the second iteration of the React channel exposing elders to Grand Theft Auto V. Rather than having the elders wander around aimlessly, the series has assigned a few locations for the elders to check out and experiment with, including a tattoo parlor, strip club, the beach, and finally stealing an attack helicopter. Some of the elders do have the typical reactions one might expect, expressing shock or disgust at the nudity in the strip club or random vulgar dialog from NPCs. However, most of them seem to delight in their game experiences, eagerly getting into fist fights, running over pedestrians, and some are even pleasantly surprised at what the strip club has to offer.

Elders Play Grand Theft Auto V Catherine

While the elders need a little direction at times to figure out how to control certain aspects of the game, they’re generally pretty proficient at handling the game. This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, as these same elders have previously been tasked to play The Last Of Us and participate in a Mortal Kombat X elder tournament. They’ve even withstood Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 better than the average Let’s Player, barely responding to the jumpscares that send the likes of Pewdiepie or Markiplier into shrieking fits.

The video is plenty of fun to watch, and hopefully not the elders’ last foray into the world of San Andreas. The footage of them experimenting with vehicles like the jet ski or helicopter are especially fun, because they genuinely seem to enjoy both the driving and flying mechanics as well as watching their characters get blown to bits after crashing. Grand Theft Auto V has a lot to offer, but sometimes just watching your character get ragdolled across the ground following a crash is hilarious, so it’s amusing to see that the elders feel the same way.

Grand Theft Auto V is now available for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: REACT