Corrupted Saves: Working a 9 to 5 Skyrim Job

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If there's one thing we are all about here at Corrupted Saves, it's chocolate-covered frozen bananas. However, if there were to be a pair of things that we are all about, the other half of that duo would be honesty. So let me just lay it out there for you: I, unlike the rest of the GR crew, knew little to nothing about The Elder Scrolls series, or Skyrim specifically, when I was  handed this comic. But like any good journalist whose writings require the accompaniment of funny pictures, I did exactly the amount of half-assed "research" you would expect. Assuming that this week's comic was a spot-on accurate depiction of the average Skyrimmer, I struck up a conversation with my friend, Fancy Pete, who is the hippest of the cool. Imagine my surprise when he knew everything about the game and loved it.

He stopped crafting dubstep remixes of Elton John songs long enough to blow my mind with the number of quests in Skyrim. That number? Infinity. Then after he got done pumping out some serious bench press reps, I asked him how he had time for that. He gets done writing his second screenplay and tells me that the game can actually be completed in a little over two hours. While we're cruising around in his Tesla Roadster, I'm still getting over the fact that the game is both two hours and infinity hours long, but he continues the cranial assault by telling me all about the story, and at that point, I'm pretty much sold. Fancy Pete and I head back to his place where no less than two dozen are already waiting for us, playing the game.

Everyone with an Xbox 360 or a PS3, basement dwellers and rugged hipsters alike, had their 11/11/11 wish for gaming epicness come true in the form of Skyrim.

Skyrim Corrupted Saves Game Rant Webcomic Issue 060

Comic by Zac Landry.

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