'Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim' Story Hinted at in Game Informer

Elder Scrolls Skyrim Cover Translation

The Elder Scrolls stands apart from many of the RPGs of old by being one of the only old-school franchises to really make a splash in the console market as well as PC. It only took the teaser trailer released at the VGAs for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim to get fans salivating over another entry in Bethesda's ongoing series, and the mere mention of dragons is the only real information that we've been given. Until now.

Game Informer has released the Skyrim-themed cover of their February issue, complete with a brand new logo and a poem written in the dragon tongue. Now that the poem has been translated, we have a slightly better idea of the story and mythology that will be at work when the game launches.

The initial teaser trailer gave some ambiguous backstory, claiming that the rise of an enemy should have been foreseen and prepared for, since their past defeat was only a setback. It was then revealed that the enemies are in fact dragons, who rise up to encompass the world in fire.

There is still hope, as there is one person that they fear. Nothing is known about this mysterious figure, except that they are known in the dragon tongue as 'Dovahkiim' or 'Dragonborn.'

With a story so veiled in mystery, it's no surprise that the cover of the magazine would be scant when it came to details. But the foreign language on the back cover is where the details lay, once the message is translated using a key on the magazine's site.

Elder Scrolls Skyrim Game Informer Cover

When the site's translation key is used to decipher the message, an ancient poem gives a closer look at the setting, plot, characters, and villain of Skyrim. Those who take another look at the trailer will notice the same language and names are used in both, so Bethesda has apparently already revealed more than we thought.

Have a read for yourself:

"Dragonborn Dragonbornby his honour is swornto keep evil forever at bayand the fiercest foes routwhen they hear triumph's shout

Dragonborn for your blessing we prayand the scrolls have fortoldof black wings in the coldthat when brothers wage war come unfurledAlduin bane of kingsancient shadow unboundwith a hunger to swallow the world"

You definitely aren't alone if those verses brought to mind images of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm's opening cinematic. If Skyrim turns out to be anything like the world torn apart by Deathwing, then that is definitely good news.

Since common video game conventions would imply that the hero known to the dragons as Dragonborn will be the main playable character - and let's hope so - it would seem that the main villain will be "Alduin bane of kings." There's definitely room for interpretation though, as in the unfurling of wings coinciding with brothers going to war, so we can't be sure of anything.

The poem isn't all we have to go on though, as details that Game Informer has given on the cover and language itself tell quite a bit about the direction the game is heading:

"What you might not have known is that the words are in the tongue of the dragons, an entirely new language crafted by Bethesda for use in the upcoming game. This complete language plays an integral role in the story and gameplay of the upcoming epic, and introduces an intriguing new facet to the Elder Scrolls mythology."

While some may have hoped that Skyrim would turn out to be a new MMO, the developers have since put that idea to rest. For those dragon-lovers out there, it seems that the one thing this cover proves is that dragons will in fact be playing a major role in both the story and adventuring of Skyrim.

How the race and culture of dragons will be used to shape this new world is anyone's guess, but we do know that it will be done using a brand new spectacular game engine. We're in favor of more dragons in nearly every RPG here at Game Rant, so we'll keep you up to date on any and all information regarding the role that the winged fire-breathers will play in the newest Elder Scrolls.

For all of the details, pick up the February issue of Game Informer. To fight against Alduin yourself, you'll have to wait for November 11, 2011 when The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is finally released.

Source: Game Informer

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