The February 2016 update video releases for Skywind, the fan-made total overhaul modification that brings the land and characters of Morrowind to Skyrim.

It’s almost hard to believe The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is over four years old now, but time certainly doesn’t lie. Though Skyrim has had its own bouts of modification controversy in recent times, the last several years have led to some truly stunning fan-made creations, though none of them seem to have been quite as large-scale and majestic as the complete Morrowind overhaul mod called Skywind.

This isn’t the first time we’ve talked about Skywind, an ambitious mod which has been in production for over three years now. The concept of the total overhaul modification is simple: Take everything from Morrowind, and drop it into the Skyrim engine. For the last several years, a modder named SquallyDaBeanz has been assembling a crew to do exactly that, and the latest progress update shows fans a glimpse into the development process:

The February 2016 update video shows off everything from an extensive collection of landmarks on the in-game map to entirely new assets created exclusively for the modification. SquallyDaBeanz and his squad have even started inserting their own custom tile sets into the game engine, which will help distinguish their modification from Skyrim at a glance. Things like tile set reveals may not make for the most dramatic progress video, but they’re important milestones that help the mod differentiate itself from the core game.

The video also shows off the fact that the Bitter Coast has been more fleshed out, so Morrowind fans excited to see how progress has been for the swamp-filled coastline should be content with what is shown above.  The February update video also shows off some more recent landscaping for the West Gash area, although the daedric ruins dotted along the region in Morrowind didn’t make an appearance in Skywind’s video.

Lead Developer SquallyDaBeanz has been running a Patreon to garner some fiscal support for the modification, where he currently nets a modest $113 a month. It’s not really enough to realistically fund a mod of such large scale, but at least gamers can be relatively certain the developer hasn’t been wasting it on booze and strippers.

The verdict is still out on when Skywind will ever be completed, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see a new Elder Scrolls title announced at Bethesda’s 2016 E3 Showcase before the overhual modification sees its first public release.

What do you think about Skywind, Ranters? Do you think the small crew can complete such an ambitious project?

Source: YouTube