Skyrim: 10 Hidden Areas You Didn’t Know Existed

Skyrim has been out for years and, while most of us have hundreds of hours in this game, it's surprising how many secret and unmarked locations still go unnoticed to this day. While some locations were simply left there for players to find random loot during their travels across the province, others are intricately laid out scenes that can tell us a lot about the lore of Skyrim. Many of these locations remain the subject of speculation as to what may have happened and why they're there in the first place. It all goes to show how committed the developers were when making the game. Without further ado, let's take a trip down to Skyrim to check out 10 hidden areas you may have missed during your travels and should visit in your next playthrough.

10 Bloody Trail

Many of these locations are places of unspeakable cruelty or tragedy and this area found just north of Volunruud is no different. On the side of this hill the Dragonborn will come across a trail of blood leading to two dead Bosmer bodies. One of them will be carrying a treasure map that will lead to some more loot for the player. However, the question begs to be asked: how did these elves end up dead? Since the treasure map was left untouched on their bodies, it might be that they were assaulted by a wild beast of some kind rather than by bandits. Either way, it's an unfortunate sight, but fortunate find for a player desperate for some loot.

9 The Silvermoon

Located in Lake Illinalta, south from the Lady Stone, you'll see a wooden mast sticking out from the water. If you take a plunge under the surface, you'll come across the wreck of what once used to be known as The Silvermoon.

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Considering the size of the lake, it might be a bit odd to see a ship of this size here. However, if you swim inside you'll find a chest with a bit of loot depending on your character's level and of course you'll also make a morbid discovery: the ship's dead captain just floating inside.

8 Hagraven's Camp

If you take a trip to the western most mountains of Skyrim, just west of Ragnvald, you'll eventually walk up a path leading to what looks like an abandoned Hagraven's Nest. There's no Hagraven around, and the only thing remaining is a bowl in the middle with some gruesome items most likely used for some type of twisted ritual. Should you loot the chest and turn around to leave, you'll come across who might be the camp's inhabitant returning from a trip - and quite unhappy to find a stranger snooping around.

7 Unfortunate Couple

While taking a stroll south of Pinewatch, this small rundown cabin in the hillside will probably catch your eyes from afar. The ground is blackened, as though from a fire, and if you move closer you'll notice two kneeling burned up corpses sitting by the campfire spot.

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While it might be easy to conclude these people were simply the victims of a stray spark lighting up the dry leaves around them, if you take a look inside you'll actually discover a note stating a dragon had been circling the area for some time now. An unfortunate end for a couple.

6 Hunter Jacuzzi

Perhaps once of the easiest locations to find and most likely one that many devoted Skyrim adventurers have already come across, this encampment northwest of Darkwater Crossing in Eastmarch is a strange spot of respite for travelers. The hot springs in this area are a hotspot for strange creatures like giants and mammoths and even dragons, but this place in particular seems oddly peaceful. A group of hunters is casually soaking in the waters and relaxing, seemingly oblivious of any lurking danger.

5 Massacre At Talos Shrine

Any Skyrim fan knows just how much the Thalmor hate Nords and their worship of Talos. One particular Thalmor agent was convinced of a certain spot southwest of the Guardian Stones was a prime location for Talos worshippers and despite the orders of his superiors decided to investigate alone. Once the player arrives here, it becomes clear that nobody survived the bloodbath that ensued, not even the Thalmor agent himself. If his corpse his looted, it's found that he had specific orders from his superior but acted out of line, resulting to his untimely death.

4 Lovers' Tent

A great tip for those seeking to find a marriage partner in Skyrim is to head on over to this hidden location only known as the Lovers' Tent. From Dawnstar, walk east by following the shoreline and you'll eventually find this tiny abandoned tent with a bunch of flowers, clothing items and empty bottles of alcohol.

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The inhabitants themselves are nowhere to be found, but you will find the Amulet of Mara here, which allows you to pick a marriage partner. With hungry horkers nearby, one can only wonder what happened to the lovers that may have been there before.

3 Giant Mudcrab

In case you're looking for something truly unique in the world of Skyrim, why not take a trip just west of the Broken Fang Cave to find this massive dead corpse of a mudcrab. His tinier minions are still alive and present in numbers, so prepare to defend yourself.

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What's interesting about this location is that during a quest called "Kyne's Sacred Trials" you'll be ordered to slay an entity known as the Guardian Mudcrab, which is presumably the spirit of this giant dead creature.

2 Chicken Reanimator

Everyone has one strange hobby or interest they can't quite explain to their friends and this Necromancer practicing his art south of Geirmund's Hall probably understands that more than anyone else. If you arrive to this mountainous area, you'll encounter a rather unpleased young Necromancer who will immediately send his undead chickens after you. Unfortunately, his feathery friends will do little to the seasoned Dragonborn, other than perhaps leave them slightly perplexed and highly amused by the situation.

1 Frozen Mammoth

One of the biggest mysteries of Skyrim is what exactly happened to the Dwemer and how they were able to disappear the way they did. Therefore, any monument or area that references their existence is worth a visit. North of Alftand up in the frozen glacier mountains you'll discover a mammoth preserved in ice. Several Dwarven arrows are sticking out of its side, which might mean that it was none other than the Dwemer themselves who slayed this magnificent creature. A historical time capsule like this is fascinating to see, but also great for those sturdy Dwarven arrows that deal some serious damage.

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