Skyrim: 10 Best Husbands In The Game (& How To Marry Them)

If you're looking to finally settle down and find love in Skyrim, you might be a bit surprised by how many options you have. So long as you've got the Amulet of Mara, pretty much anyone whose trust you've gained will be willing to get married to you and settle down.

While who you settle down with is obviously your personal choice, there are a few husbands in particular that we recommend picking as your life-long partner. Without further ado, let's have a look at the ten best husbands and how they'll come to accept your proposal.

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10 Revyn Sadri

Head over to Windhelm's Gray Quarter, an area where dark elves live in poverty and separation from the rest of Windhelm's citizens. You'll find Revyn's shop there, and discover that he's a hardworking and principled salesman who dislikes thieves.

In fact, he dislikes thieves so much so that he'll give you the task of returning a golden ring to Viola Giordano, since he thinks it's a stolen item. If you return the ring in a stealthy manner, he will be available for marriage, but if you hand Viola the ring face to face Revyn's shop will face higher taxation and he will dislike you for it.

9 Roggi Knot-Beard

There's nothing tremendously special about Roggi, but he's a hardworking and honest man. You can find him at Kynesgrove, working at the Steamscorch Mine, and occasionally at Braidwood Inn at night time.

Upon meeting him he'll share a fascinating story about how an ancestor of his founded Kynesgrove, but met an unfortunate fate inside a cave and lost his shield. Roggi will then send you off to find this fabled ancestral shield and return it to him, after which he'll be available as a marriage candidate.

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8 Ghorbash the Iron Hand

If an orc is a man after your heart, no judgment. Travel to the Orc Stronghold of Dushnik Yal near Markarth and you'll be introduced to Ghorbash there. He's a former exile of his kind, but he misses adventuring out into the wild.

However, since orcs usually cannot leave their people as that would dishonor them, he needs to be persuaded in order to be taken along for the journey. Alternatively, you can brawl him and if you win, he'll come along as a follower, after which you can marry him.

7 Romlyn Dreth

For anyone passionate about mead and wine, Romlyn is the man of your dreams. He's a dark elf working as a bootlegger, living in a house underneath the city of Riften. You'll occasionally find him at the Bee and Barb or even at the Black-Briar Meadery.

Once you meet him, he'll ask you to help him to smuggle some mead to Wilhelm, an innkeeper in Ivarstead. You can either agree to his plot or sabotage his plan by reporting him to Indaryn. If you help him, he'll be available for marriage.

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6 Perth

Those looking for another hard worker for their husband, but also someone who doesn't look half bad, Perth is the man you need to seek out. Head over to Soljund's Sinkhole located in The Reach.

He's the owner of this mine, and will at once ask you to help with a bit of Draugr infestation. Once you have the entire place cleared out, you can return over to him and deliver the good news in exchange for a bit of gold. He'll then be available for a marriage.

5 Quintus Navale

Not all husbands need to be necessarily strong, some can simply be smart and clever enough. Quintus Navale is definitely part of the latter category, as he works at the White Phial of Windhelm, helping his capricious master keep shop. When you first enter the shop you'll overhead an argument between Quintus and his master Nurelion, which will send you to find the famed White Phial.

Unfortunately, the item is broken and Quintus will require unmelting snow, mammoth tusk powder and a briar heart to repair it. Once you've completed the entire quest, he will be available for marriage.

4 Balimund

In terms of sheer marriage benefits, Balimund is one of the best options since he's a blacksmith. Head over to Riften, where he works his forge near the town market. Upon speaking with him he'll give you the task of fetching him Fire Salts for his forge.

After you've gathered the ingredients and brought them back to him, he can then be married. The best thing is that his belongings and his forge are now yours to use whenever you so please.

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3 Farkas Or Vilkas

It's difficult to say which of the two brothers in The Companions is the better husband, but since the process of gaining their trust is the same, we've decided to put them together. When you first approach Whiterun during the main questline, you'll see a group of people fighting a giant. You can choose to ignore or help them, after which you'll be invited to come and see them in Jorrvaskr within the city.

Here, you'll begin your journey as a member of The Companions. Only after you've completed the faction's main quest line fully and destroyed the Silver Hand can either Farkas or Vilkas be married.

2 Onmund

You might wonder why Onmund is on this list, but he's quite a fascinating character since he's a Nord seeking to study magic at the College of Winterhold. When you first enter the College yourself he'll be a fellow student and will tell you about his struggles trying to convince his family that he was meant to become a mage.

Once you've completed the quest Under Saarthal, the first part of the College's questline, you can speak to Onmund to receive his personal quest. He'll ask you to fetch an amulet from Enthir, who in turn will ask you to find him a staff. Once both quests are completed Onmund will be available for marriage.

1 Argis the Bulwark

How about living in one of the most luxurious houses in Skyrim with the strongest and best-looking man in the game? If you said yes, listen up: travel to the city of Markarth. In order to gain Argis as your Housecarl, you need to become Thane in Markarth. This involves helping five people in the city, as well as purchasing Vlindrel Hall, the local house in the city.

The house costs 8000 gold to purchase and an additional 4200 gold to fully furnish. The easiest quests to help civilians quickly would be killing Nimhe, the spider Calcelmo mentions, give Degaine a drink, kill Alain and Nilsine for Muiri, kill the enemies inside the Hall of the Dead and fetch the stolen statue of Dibella for Lisbet.

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