GR Pick [Video]: What If Skyrim Took Place in 2012?

Skyrim in 2012

A botched job in Riften has left you with nothing but the clothes on your back and nary a gold coin in your pocket. In the world of Skyrim - a land where talk of dragons reaches to every corner farming village and holdfast - those ill-equipped to defend themselves don't have a  shot in Oblivion of seeing their next Hearth Fire.

So, of course there's only one possible course of action: Fast travel to Whiterun and visit Belethor's food mart, where his umpteenth great grandson Gregathor  just might have an extra Kevlar vest on sale. Oh, and on the way, perhaps you'll want to rock out to some tunes on your iPear. Welcome to Skyrim in 2012, as envisioned by John and Justin Grosjean of  Grosjean Brothers Productions.

Here, the shop that the late, great Belethor once founded still has a knack for hiring awkward store hands - and Gregathor himself proves that obnoxious swagger isn't lost on generations. The video goes on to show its two broke protagonists as they attempt to rob an "NPC" for the gold to buy some armor. Unsurprisingly, things don't go as planned, and we find out that in 2012, Skyrim justice is still best served on the end of a well-cast dragon shout.

Check out the full video below, and be sure to pay a visit to the GroBroPros YouTube channel. The two appear to be just getting started but have already produced a handful of awesome special effects-laden short videos.


While this surely won't be the last modern day Skyrim parody for fans and the team at Bethesda to laught about, it sets the bar pretty high in just about all facets. However, it would be interesting to see different takes on how some of our contemporary crises panned out in the world of Skyrim - and if you look closely at the apparel Gregethor has for sale, it does appear that a mounting hipster threat is on the horizon. Better stock up some Potion of Resist Indie Rock.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is now available for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.


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