Elder Scrolls Online Reveals Summerset DLC

Elder Scrolls Online Announces New Summerset DLC

Bethesda Softworks has announced its next upcoming DLC for The Elder Scrolls: Online, the publisher's Elder Scrolls MMORPG title, via a brief cinematic teaser trailer and gameplay trailer.

Released in 2015, first on PC and subsequently on the Xbox One and PS4, The Elder Scrolls: Online has seen a substantial amount of post-launch DLC content since its launch, and that list is now set to grow larger later this year. The next DLC release for Bethesda's MMORPG, entitled The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset, has been revealed with two new trailers, together with a release date of June 5th.

Bethesda makes a distinction between The Elder Scrolls: Online's ordinary DLC packs, such as "Thieves' Guild," and "Dark Brotherhood," and larger DLC "Chapters." Only one of these more complete DLC expansions has been released so far: The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind, which was released in January of 2017.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset is set to be the MMORPG's second "Chapter." Following the template of Morrowind, it will expand the game into the new region of Summerset Isle, which is home to the Altmeri, Tamriel's race of High Elves.

Long cited as a possible setting for future Elder Scrolls content, Bethesda's announcement post for Summerset states:

By the decree of Queen Ayrenn, Summerset Isle is now open to foreigners, but a Daedric threat looms over the breathtaking home of the High Elves. Travel to the Summerset Isle, reunite with old friends, and unravel a shadowy conspiracy that threatens all of Tamriel.

In addition to making Summerset Isle available as a new region and introducing a variety of supplementary content, the Summerset DLC will continue the narrative that began in the original game's storyline and which was continued in the Clockwork City DLC. The DLC will also allow players to join the Psijic Order, a mysterious faction that makes their home on the island of Artaeum, and which has never before been playable in an Elder Scrolls game. Joining the Order will allow players to learn a new combat Skill Line which grants powers related to the control of time.

Players of The Elder Scrolls Online Will be Able to Explore the Summerset Isles

It remains to be seen whether Bethesda will repeat the offer made prior to the release of Morrowind, which enabled some PC players to play the DLC early, but the DLC can now be preordered. A variety of bonus content packs are already being offered to players who do so, including the Morrowind DLC Chapter.

Anybody who already owns The Elder Scrolls: Online can, as of March 21st, play a prologue quest entitled "Through a Veil Darkly." Designed to introduce the DLC, the quest can be started by acquiring the Mage's Message Stone for free from the game's Crown Store, or by finding a character named Vanus inside any of the game's Mages Guildhalls.

The Elder Scrolls: Online is available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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