‘The Elder Scrolls’ Mods: First ‘Skywind’, Now ‘Skyblivion’

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Any regular reader will know that we here at Game Rant are huge proponents of fan-created content. Be it an in-depth mod that ports Flappy Bird-esque mechanics to Grand Theft Auto 4, or the Game of Thrones intro recreated for Super Mario World, you name it we love it.

One of the biggest ways fans can show their love for a property or even help improve it is through mods. Mods have become such a focal point of the game industry that many eventually become full retail games themselves (e.g. Day Z). Or in the case of a new mod for The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, they can be used to recreate old games in newer ones.

By now most Elder Scrolls fans should be familiar with ‘Skywind,’ a Skyrim Creation Engine mod that seeks to recreate the entire gameplay experience of Morrowind in Bethesda‘s latest game. And now we have word that the same folks working on ‘Skywind’ have also put their efforts towards ‘Skyblivion,’ a recreation of Oblivion within the same framework.

Skyblivion Trailer

While ‘Skyblivion’ is not nearly as far along as ‘Skywind,’ the video above does show the first few sections of Oblivion‘s campaign. Those who want to help contribute towards ‘Skyblivion’s presumably painstaking development process are encouraged to contact TESRenewal team here. The team hopes to recreate the whole of ‘Oblivion’s content, from main quest lines all the way down to the game’s excellent DLC expansions (Shivering Isles!).

Obviously, with so much work left to do, the ‘Skyblivion’ project is still not in a playable state, but thus far the TESRenewal team’s work is nothing short of impressive. It’s one thing to recreate a small portion of game, but to emulate the entire expansive world of Oblivion is another.

As far as what the future holds for The Elder Scrolls franchise beyond fan creations; well, the answer to that question might be a few years away. But in the mean time it appears some cool content is coming to the Skyrim modding scene.

What do you think of the ‘Skyblivion’ project? Which quests, locales, or characters are you most excited to revisit?

Source: TESRenewal