Bethesda launches The Elder Scrolls: Legends open beta, giving everyone a chance to play its highly anticipated collectible card game before its full launch.

Announced at E3 2015, The Elder Scrolls: Legends is Bethesda’s foray into the world of digital card games. In addition to card upgrades, ranked play, and all of the other things that fans may expect from a competitive collectible card game (CCG), the title features a a story campaign too, which should give fans of the Elder Scrolls franchise something to keep them entertained as they wait for The Elder Scrolls 6.

Since April, The Elder Scrolls: Legends had been available in closed beta to those looking to test the game out on PC. However, as Bethesda continues to work on the game and seek more feedback, the Legends beta is now in “open mode,” ditching invites and giving everyone who wants to get their hands on the free to play title a chance to get involved.

To get involved in the open Legends beta (available on PC only, for now), all prospective players have to do is download the launcher, make an account (or sign into an existing one) and download the game. As mentioned, the game is entirely free to play and it’s also worth noting that unlocked content such as cards and titles that The Elder Scrolls: Legends players purchase or achieve from now on will stay with them when the game launches fully. Moreover, Bethesda lifted the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) back when the game was in closed beta, so players can share their thoughts and feelings on the game anywhere they like on the web without restriction.


While those who didn’t get a closed beta invite will surely be ecstatic to get involved, The Elder Scrolls: Legends open beta should also give doubters a chance to see how the title is different from Blizzard card game Hearthstone, which makes $20 million a month. As detailed in Game Rant’s Elder Scrolls: Legends impressions, the game’s “lane” system could be one well-received way of establishing itself as a serious contender.

Cards can only attack cards that are in the same lane as them, leading players to think more strategically about card placement and in many games there’s also a “shadow lane” which sees cards placed in the lane protected (they can’t be attacked) for one turn. Other mechanics such as Runes and Prophecies are also hoping to be a breath of fresh air, but whether beta players deem this enough to play the game through to its full release is yet to be seen.

The Elder Scrolls: Legends plans to release for PC and iOS devices before the end of 2016.

Source: Bethesda (via Polygon)