A new piece of the grand Beyond Skyrim experiment is coming to fruition, as The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim‘s Roscrea mod project has released its first teaser trailer. Roscrea: Voices of the Deep is just one of at least 7 different mod expansions for Skyrim that are part of the impressive Beyond Skyrim project. Each piece of Beyond Skyrim takes players to a new part of Tamriel, in the hopes of one day recreating the entire continent and filling it with gameplay.

The Roscrea mod was announced as far back as July 2013, initially as an independent mod that eventually joined into the greater mod project, Beyond Skyrim. Roscrea is set on a large island warmed by volcanic activity far to the north of Tamriel, perhaps closer to the continent of Atmora. The story of Roscrea revolves around a brewing revolt against the Empire, a mountainous Bear Cult, and the voices from deep within the earth growing louder. Roscrea is a world apart from the ongoing events on Tamriel, full of exciting events unique to its own realm.

This marks the first trailer from the Roscrea mod for The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. Over the past several years, the team has released many waves of screenshots, but never any media in motion. In the trailer, we get a first look at various locales within Roscrea, including port towns, mountaintop ruins, keeps, inns, and more. And the trailer certainly only scratches the surface of how large the mod is. Just visiting the official forums shows a treasury of planned content, from armor to ships, Tuskfangs to Forest Yams. As with most mods, the scale of the project is exceedingly impressive.

Roscrea will not be the first Beyond Skyrim mod to be officially launched. That privilege belongs to the recently released Bruma city and region. Coincidentally, Beyond Skyrim: Bruma just saw an updated release that works with The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim’s Special Edition made available yesterday.

Other Beyond Skyrim projects continue to make significant progress as well. Iliac Bay‘s community in particular is brimming with activity, and a “Dwemer Mace” modelling time-lapse video was recently shared from the Morrowind team. Mods take time, though, so while these Beyond Skyrim projects are likely months or even years away, it’s exciting to see community members still hard at work. Plus, it’s especially great to see them taking the time to share their in-development work.

Beyond Skyrim: Roscrea has no currently announced plans for release, nor is one likely to come in the immediate future.

Source: Beyond Skyrim