'Skyrim' Gets A 'Team Fortress 2' Mode, Hoarders, and Musicians

Skyrim TF2 Mode Hoarders Theme Performed

Players of a particular game or genre becoming extremely dedicated or enamored with a triple-A title is nothing new, but The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is taking things to whole new level. The internet continues to be slammed with players not just finding unique ways of making Skyrim's world their very own, but using their real world talents to show how much the game means to them.

Plenty of players have already figured out how to level their character up faster, or exploit various aspects of the game's mechanics to their advantage. But rather than trying to break the game, these fans have spent their time constructively, and made the most out of what the developers intended.

We start with one particular Reddit user who has a problem that some in the real world are all too familiar with: hoarding. The subject of numerous reality TV shows, the affliction manifests itself in the irrational need to never throw anything away. Some of you who have been fans of Bethesda for some time have likely encountered this with an overwhelmed Pip-Boy in Fallout 3, but nearly all RPG fans know the pain of trashing items in the fear that they may some day be useful.

For this particular gamer, that obsession has reached the level of ridiculousness. We've seen the kind of benefits that manipulating buckets can have, but we fail to understand how suffering from a real psychological condition can help save Tamriel. Take a look for yourself:

Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim Hoarder

Next up, we have the work of two young women with a love for music, and the chilling chants of a dragon-infested landscape. Anyone who doesn't realize just how special the score of Skyrim is needs to take a long hard look at the game's sound design. Great music deserves to be heard more than once, and if you've ever wondered what the title score would sound like performed on piano and violin, then wonder no more. And if you have doubts that the power or brilliance of the music would be somewhat lessened by just two instruments - don't. Have a listen:


Now we've got a treat for the eyes, and we're not talking about the impressive graphics of a maxed-out Skyrim. It goes against common sense, but another Reddit user decided to see what would happen if he turned the graphics to their minimum, and remove textures altogether. The result was an animated look that the user has since dubbed 'TF2 Mode' after Valve's animated online shooter Team Fortress 2.

We won't argue that this could add something special to portions of the game, but have a look at video and a few screenshots to see for yourself. If you're adverse to some plot spoilers, stick only to the images:


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And so another week passes with Skyrim offering even more possibilities than we had thought of before release. There are sure to be more soon, but what do you think of the new visual mode? Will you be mixing the world of The Elder Scrolls with Team Fortress 2 yourself?

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is available now for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.


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