Bethesda Says 'Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim' is Not an MMO

Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrum - Not an MMO Confirmed

Game Rant gave its best shot at exploring the idea of an Elder Scrolls MMO, even considering the fact that Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim could potentially be online. Such a scenarios was certainly very unlikely, especially considering how frustrated fans were at the idea. Just to make sure, VGRevolution sent Bethesda an email asking for some perspective. In good for, they presented a straight up, "No," rather than the typical, "No comment on rumors or speculation."

Here's Bethesda's response to the idea that Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim could potentially be an MMO:

“It is not an MMO. We have an MMO studio, ZeniMax Online, but they have not announced what they are working on. Just rumors and speculation.

You’ll have to wait for any other details on Skyrim. Game Informer has the cover story next month. Stay tuned.”

This news is certain to set many Elder Scrolls fans' minds at ease. Fans are almost unanimous in their hope for another single player only Elder Scrolls game, though this seems more due to the fact that the other games in the series are just so good the way they are, rather than thoughts that an MMO would be bad. On the other hand, co-op was a much more accepted idea.

Being skeptical about cooperative play or any other sort of multiplayer of any kind is very understandable. If any system in Oblivion needed improvement it was the combat, which was quite simple for a single player game, let alone two players or full parties of players. Should ZeniMax Online's MMO be set in the universe of Elder Scrolls, showing how the gameplay has evolved from Oblivion into Skyrim should set expectations nicely.

Unfortunately, it looks like further speculation will have to wait until Game Informer's exclusive Elder Scrolls V cover story next month. Game Rant will be waiting for it with bated breath.

What are your thoughts on Elder Scrolls V, Ranters? What would you like to see improve from Oblivion? Is this game seriously almost a year away?

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is due for release November 11, 2011.

Source: VGRevolution

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