El Gato GameCapture HD60 Unveiled: Gameplay Capture for the New-Gen

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If the recent Twitch copyright crackdown — not to mention the YouTube copyright crackdown — of last week told you anything, it’s that there’s big money to be had in the world of gameplay streaming/recording. Let’s Play videos are no longer goofy YouTube videos but full-scale productions capable of generating millions in revenue.

However, alongside higher scale productions come higher scale needs. Let’s Play-ers and gameplay streamers require up-to-date tech to match those needs, and the needs of a new generation of consoles.

Because streaming and gameplay capture have become their own mini-businesses, many companies have found success simply by offering tools focused on those features. El Gato, for example, has made a name for itself with easy to use gameplay capture and streaming devices.

Today, El Gato has announced the latest entry in their brand of gameplay capture products, the El Gato GameCapture HD60. The device is the first in the El Gato line to include support for 1080p60 capture, alongside a selection of handy new features.

Design-wise, the GameCapture HD 60 boasts a slick all-black profile that falls in line with El Gato’s current product selection. It includes the standard HDMI-in and HDMI-out ports, a USB port for PC or Mac, and a series of LED indicator lights.

However, as a personal El Gato user the most exciting new feature, beyond the obvious benefits of 60 fps recording, is the revamped software that ships alongside the GameCapture HD60. This new software includes an elegant design and plenty of handy features like:

  • Flashback Recording: With Elgato Game Capture HD60 you don’t have to worry about pressing the record button – simply slide back in time on your PC or Mac and hit the record button retroactively.
  • Built-in Live Streaming with Stream Command: Elgato Game Capture HD60 gets you up and running on Twitch, YouTube, Ustream or Dailymotion in a snap. The brand-new Stream Command makes it easy to add your webcam and overlays. Add your voice with the built-in Live Commentary feature.
  • Simultaneous live streaming and high quality capture: With Elgato Game Capture HD60 you don’t have to choose between streaming and recording. No matter what resolution you broadcast, you can simultaneously capture full resolution 1080p.

Stream Command could prove to be a real benefit for fledgling gameplay streamers, as it makes combining gameplay video and webcam captures that much easier. It’s not enough these days simply to record gameplay with live commentary — viewers want a full production complete with unique overlays – and Stream Command seems to offer a lot of useful options in that department.

Obviously, at $179.99 the El Gato GameCapture HD60 is going to be a tough sell for the thrifty gamer, but those who are looking for an easy-to-use streaming or capture solution might want to give this one a look. The new consoles do make streaming and video recording easier, but they limit control. Devices like these can give that control back and keep things fairly simple.

What do you think of the HD60? Does it sound like a device you might be interested in?

The El Gato GameCapture HD60 will be available August 15 for $179.99.

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