Eidos Montreal has been talking about rebooting its wildly popular Thief franchise for years. The last game in the franchise was released almost 10 years ago and it may be just about time for a new installment. The release of a new Xbox and PlayStation gives such a title a good platform to launch from so it seems only fitting that we could be expecting a Thief related announcement soon.

Alexandre Richer, generalist/UI programmer from Ubisoft who left Eidos in January, recently posted about an “unannounced project” on his LinkedIn account and speculation is pointing towards the inevitable Thief 4.

Fans of the series and video games media share the common hunch that Richer is referring to the new, still unannounced Thief game which was said to be in development for quite some time now. Considering the release of the new consoles and the speculation that Thief 4 would be a next-gen title, the news hits at an appropriate time.

[Unannounced Project]

Taking part in the development of the User Interface for a currently unannounced project, using Scaleform technology.
Entire development of the user interface done in C++.

More details to come within the upcoming months.

Eidos has had its hands busy with its wildly popular Deus Ex: Human Revolution and before Adam Jensen returns for a sequel, it’s time for a followup to the last Thief game which released back in 2004. “More details to come within the upcoming months,” seems to indicate that such a title will have a presence at E3 2013, and we assume it’ll be available on the PS4 and next-gen Xbox.

The sophisticated technology in the new consoles should be enough to make a new Thief game look amazing with its Medieval/Steam-punk setting. Whether this will be an exclusive or multi-platform is also up in the air as of right now, but if Deus Ex is of any indication, we expect Thief 4 to hit PC and all of the Sony/Microsoft home consoles.

In an earlier interview at GDC 2012, Studio General Manager Stephane D’Astous stated that the new game (Thief 4) would bring more than just stealth to the table. They want to deliver a familiar but different venture and even might bring in elements from Deus Ex, which could lead to an entirely new experience.

The new console specs and the direction that Eidos goes with the project will offer a much needed revitalization for the series, and hopefully bring in an entirely new generation of games to the franchise who otherwise would have never played a game in the series. Do you think the Thief franchise could make a comeback after its 10 year absence? Would you be excited to see a new game in the franchise? Let us know in the comments below!

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