A key element to a successful video game, especially with the current era of gaming, is a unique and compelling story. There needs to be some sort of plot to drive the game along, otherwise why would anyone bother playing it? Eidos Montreal seems to understand this perfectly, recently distinguishing themselves by crafting socially relevant and poignant plotting in their last game, Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Thanks to recent leaks we have some idea of the next project from the studio, possibly set to blend the genres of science fiction and fantasy.

According to Siliconera, a source privy to Eidos Montreal‘s internal development has provided some odd facts about the game in question, and exact details from a single exchange apparently placed within the game’s story. The player will take control of one of three main characters, currently only known as ‘Hero,’ a thirty year-old explorer trying to save the woman he loves, referred to as ‘Nova.’

In typical adventure game fashion, the player must seek out an “architect” who may know how to help him achieve his goal, and meets a twenty-five year old woman named ‘Mercenary’ along the way. A possible love triangle, sexual tension and inevitable questing apparently awaits.

Some background information about ‘Hero’ was also leaked, revealing that he wields a sword and shield, and (stop us if you’ve heard this before) has something of a trouble past littered with personal failures. The additional details depict a plot focused on the Hero redeeming himself, with hints of a possible anti-hero personality to boot.

Beyond this no information about the game was revealed. No title, nothing about gameplay, and no information on what consoles it’s being developed for. Even the setting itself is rather vague. The ‘Hero’s weapons seem to indicate a high fantasy setting, but there’s also mention of something called the ‘Nebula,’ meaning the game may have some elements of sci-fi, or perhaps some strange mixture of the two.

It’s best to take this leaked information with a grain of salt, since this basic outline could be used to describe dozens of modern RPGs. More information will apparently be released soon, so for now all we can do is guess. There is always the possibility that this is linked to the supposed Thief series reboot, but it seems far too distant from the series to be a viable option. Unless the development team is taking some liberties with the Thief license in the name of updating the fiction, we’d bet on a new IP. Still, we learned from Prey 2 that a sequel doesn’t have to be a direct continuation.

What do you think this game could be? Were you hoping that Eidos Montreal would be working on a follow up to Deus Ex, or are you glad to see them trying something different?

Source: Siliconera