After Konami officially cancelled Silent Hills last week, the developer also decided to remove the game’s Playable Teaser (known simply as P.T.), which was released last fall, from its online stores. Many gamers decided to take advantage of the removal by selling their P.T.-loaded PlayStation 4 consoles on eBay.

However, it looks like the auction site has put a stop to those sales. A search on eBay will reveal that PlayStation 4 units with the Silent Hills demo can no longer be sold or purchased. Those who attempt to post their units on the auction site will see their post quickly removed and will receive a notice from the company claiming the posting was removed due to copyright concerns.

The full response sellers are receiving from eBay can be seen below:

eBay PlayStation 4 PT Response

It’s not surprising to see gamers selling their units on eBay, since Konami not only removed P.T. from the PSN store, but is also keeping gamers from re-downloading the game. Currently, only those gamers who still have the game loaded on their machines have access, and everyone else is out of luck.

It’s not clear how well the P.T.  PlayStation 4s were selling, but there were at least enough postings for eBay, and likely Konami, to notice. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised to learn the auction site started removing the units at the request of Konami.

Even though the consoles have been removed from eBay, we’re sure there are still many gamers looking to capitalize on their copies of P.T. through other means, such as Craigslist. However, if such sites receive a high volume of consoles for sale, as eBay did, we anticipate they may also start removing the listings.

Silent Hills Petition Signatures

We also expect that once things cool down a little, gamers will again start listing their PlayStation 4s on eBay in an effort to make money off P.T. While that strategy is sure to be challenged by the auction site, with enough time gamers should once again find success. Of course, that’s only if potential buyers are still interested in the game. With quite a few major releases coming this fall, and plenty more to be announced at upcoming video game conferences, it’s possible gamers will simply move on and leave Silent Hills and P.T. in the past.

That being said, there are still some gamers who are avidly petitioning for Kojima Productions (not Konami) to move forward with the cancelled game. However, no response has been provided yet by either Kojami Productions or Konami, and we doubt any response will be coming anytime soon.

Did you try selling your P.T. PlayStation 4 on eBay? Tell us about your experience in the comments.

Source: Kotaku