PlayStation gamers that were hoping to get an easy Platinum Trophy are out of luck, as Sony has pulled a game that touted itself as the “easiest Platinum Trophy.” The game had been on the PSN store for about two days before Sony pulled the plug.

The game itself, called 1000 Top Rated, had players sliding 9 tiles to form a picture. It’s a common time waster concept, but it wasn’t particularly challenging either.

What’s more, the game could allegedly be completed in about an hour, all while the it showered the player with trophy after trophy. Yes, the game highlighted how quickly it could be completed and the amount of trophies players could earn in the process.

But that one hour claim was apparently on the high end of projections, as some reported that the game could be completed in about 20 minutes. There are (or were) even video guides online to show players how to get the Platinum Trophy even faster than advertised.

easy platinum trophy game

For some gamers the opportunity to earn a quick Platinum Trophy was too good to pass up, but paying money for a virtual reward is admittedly odd. The appeal of trophies is supposed to be the accomplishments associated with them, not the actual trophy itself. Players like to show off that they beat a game on the hardest difficulty, or completed a level in a fast time, or maybe they got through a Destiny raid without dying. If you just buy a game to get a Platinum Trophy then what’s the point?

And for Sony having games like this make it through certification diminishes the overall quality of the PSN game selection. Online game stores, especially those on console, are supposed to upkeep a certain level of quality, or at least that’s what gamers are led to believe. Mobile stores are the wild west, where copycats and ripoffs rule the roost, but places like PSN are allegedly policed more aggressively.

To Sony’s credit, the game only lasted two days, but the fact that it made it onto the PSN store at all says a lot. Yes, the name doesn’t give its intent away, but the name reeks of vaporware.

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